What Is Polarized Cardio? Polarized Training Plan for Cyclists 

There are numerous approaches to cardio training for cyclists.  Some cyclists focus on doing a lot of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), others tend to stick with moderate-intensity steady-state cardio workouts, and others use heart rate zones to guide heart rate training. Another worthwhile approach is polarized cardio. Polarized cardio splits the focus to the two … Read more

Couch to 20k Cycling Training Plan for Beginners (With PDF Printout)

Starting any type of exercise or fitness program can be really challenging, especially if you’ve been inactive for a while.  The first few cycling workouts for beginners can feel like an utter slog, with each minute feeling like an hour.  A Couch to 20k Cycling training plan is an ambitious – but achievable – goal … Read more

Cycling Calf Muscles: Does Cycling Work Your Calves?

Cycling is well-known for its aerobic benefits, but it also works out a variety of muscles. Professional cyclists have very toned legs, which is hardly surprising, as your legs are the primary muscle group associated with riding bikes. But is it cycling that gives these elite athletes toned legs? And how does having bigger calves … Read more

Cycling Training Zones Guide: Heart Rate and Power Zones Explained

As you get more engrossed in the ins and outs of cycling, you will start to look into all the data relating to your prowess on the bike. One of the critical parts of improving your performance is to use the cycling training zones. Cycling training zones are also called cycling power zones and enable … Read more

The 6 Best HIIT Cycling Workouts

High-Intensity Interval Training workouts – or HIIT workouts as they are usually abbreviated to – can offer huge fitness and speed benefits for cyclists of all abilities. Whilst you might be experienced at long-distance rides, a HIIT cycling workout can really test your ability to push yourself, and in doing so, can offer massive health … Read more

Tempo Training Cycling Guide: How To Perform A Tempo Ride

Tempo training cycling is a great alternative to Zone 2 training and an excellent way to improve your aerobic performance. Zone 2 rides are long rides at low intensity, which are pretty easy going on your body while going a long way to improving your fitness. These endurance rides have their place, but you can … Read more