The Effects of Cycling on Body Shape, Explained by a Strength & Conditioning Coach

Cycling is an incredibly popular form of low-impact cardiovascular exercise, which not only offers an eco-friendly and exhilarating mode of transportation and travel but also serves as an effective way to improve fitness levels. The impact that cycling will have on body shape varies between men and women due to a number of inherent physiological … Read more

What Muscles Does Spinning Work? The 8 Benefits Of Spin Class Workouts

After finishing your first spin class, you’ll probably notice a couple of things: you’re drenched in sweat, and your legs feel like jelly. Most people intuitively know that any type of cycling uses the muscles in your legs – but what muscles does spinning work? When you’re seated on the saddle, the muscular workload for … Read more

Cycling Calf Muscles: Does Cycling Work Your Calves?

Cycling is well-known for its aerobic benefits, but it also works out a variety of muscles. Professional cyclists have very toned legs, which is hardly surprising, as your legs are the primary muscle group associated with riding bikes. But is it cycling that gives these elite athletes toned legs? And how does having bigger calves … Read more