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Vector art of Remco Evenepoel against a yellow and black background.

Opinion: Is Remco Evenepoel Good Enough To Win The Tour de France?

Quentin Deby
Quentin Deby: BikeTips Writer Profile Photo

The Big Four look set to battle for the Tour de France crown in 2024 – but is Remco Evenepoel good enough to challenge Vingegaard, Pogačar, and Roglič?

Latest in Cycling History

The Wall Manayunk during the Manayunk Bike Race 2009.

The Wall, Manayunk: America’s Most Iconic Climb

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Ben Gibbons

In the heart of Philadelphia, nestled along the Schuylkill River, there lies a stretch of road that has found itself a special place in cycling folklore – the infamous ascent known simply as “The Wall” in Manayunk. From the inception of the Philadelphia International Championship to the legendary battles fought by cyclists like Greg Henderson and Lance Armstrong, this steep, winding climb has etched its place in the history of American cycling, weaving tales of triumph, agony, and sheer determination.

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Cyclists riding the cobbles at the 2024 Spring Classics.

Cycling Spring Classics & Monuments 2024: Race Dates, How To Watch, And Essential Info

Quentin Deby
Quentin Deby: BikeTips Writer Profile Photo

Considered by many cycling purists to be the most exciting part of the professional calendar, the Spring Classics offer both a thrilling spectacle for viewers …

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Lance Armstrong wearing the yellow jersey at the 2005 Tour de France gestures to the camera.

Hero to Zero: What Is Lance Armstrong Doing Now?

Quentin Deby
Quentin Deby: BikeTips Writer Profile Photo

An iconic figure who pedaled his way to seven consecutive Tour de France titles, his legacy turned to ashes with the greatest doping scandal in the history of the sport. But what is Lance Armstrong doing now? As he shifts gears from the saddle to entrepreneurial ventures, podcasts, TV shows, and even a deep-diving documentary, one thing remains clear: Lance Armstrong is indefatigable. 

Latest “EnCycloPedia” Entries

A soigneur hands a water bottle to one of their team's riders.

What Is A Soigneur In Cycling – And Why Is Their Role So Vital?

Jessy Carveth
Jessy Carveth profile photo for BikeTips

Many outsiders believe that the unsung heroes at the Tour de France or on a pro cycling team are the domestiques, but at the end …