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Graphic showing the 2024 Tour de France Femmes route

2024 Tour de France Femmes route revealed with tantalising Alpe d’Huez finale

Jessy Carveth
Jessy Carveth profile photo for BikeTips

The 2024 Tour de France Femmes route has been announced and is set to be the toughest and most exciting parcours for the race to date. The third edition of the Tour de France Femmes is unlike anything we’ve seen in the previous two. With many new and unique features to the 2024 route, it is certain to have cycling fans on the edge of their seats throughout

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A Brief History of the Vuelta a España: Title Image

Pain & Glory: A Brief History of the Vuelta a España

Magazine 1
Dom Smith

Coming at the end of the racing season amid high humidity and stifling temperatures, you could be forgiven for thinking fans and cycling teams alike must have run out of energy to make the Vuelta a España exciting. One look at the history of the Vuelta a España shows nothing could be further from the truth.

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My Lynskey road bike leans on a road barrier on the Jebel Shams climb in the BikingMan Oman race.

My BikingMan Oman Race Diary: Ultra Cycling in the Arabian Desert

Robbie Ferri
Robbie Ferri author profile photo.

In the heart of the Arabian Peninsula lies Oman, a land of mesmerizing beauty, rugged terrain – and an unexpected cyclist’s haven. Racing BikingMan Oman in its first edition back was one of the true highlights of my cycling life. Not only was it an intense physical challenge, but it was also one of the most unique places I have ever ridden a bike.

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Lance Armstrong wearing the yellow jersey at the 2005 Tour de France gestures to the camera.

Hero to Zero: What Is Lance Armstrong Doing Now?

Quentin Deby
Quentin Deby: BikeTips Writer Profile Photo

An iconic figure who pedaled his way to seven consecutive Tour de France titles, his legacy turned to ashes with the greatest doping scandal in the history of the sport. But what is Lance Armstrong doing now? As he shifts gears from the saddle to entrepreneurial ventures, podcasts, TV shows, and even a deep-diving documentary, one thing remains clear: Lance Armstrong is indefatigable. 

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Riding my gravel bike on an asphalt road while randonneuring.

What Is A Randonnée in Cycling – And Why Should You Start Randonneuring?

Quentin Deby
Quentin Deby: BikeTips Writer Profile Photo

Put simply, a “randonnée” (also known as “brevet” or “Audax”, depending on where you are in the world) is a long-distance, non-competitive, self-supported bike ride. Randonnée courses are typically 200 km (125 miles) or longer, with predetermined checkpoints through which riders must pass. Finishing order does not matter; the sole aim is to complete the course within the time limit.