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How To Replace A Shift Cable On A Bike: Title Image

How To Replace a Shift Cable on a Bike in 7 Steps [With Video Guide]

A big part of being a cyclist is looking after your bike. If you treat it well and keep on top of general servicing and …

Latest Bike Setup Guides

Diagram showing Q Factor and Crank Q Factor on a bike.

What Is Q Factor, And Is It Important For Your Bike?

In cycling, Q Factor is the distance between the outer sides of the two crank arms, measured laterally. Despite being an important element in bike …

Latest in Bike Parts Explained

Bike Wheel Size Chart With 750d Wheel Size

750d Wheel Size For Gravel Bikes Explained: What’s The Benefit of Going Even Bigger?

Cycling technology is always advancing and companies continue to reinvent the bike to make it faster, more comfortable, and handle better. In recent years, we …

Latest in Types of Bicycle

Air bike on an orange background.

The 5 Key Types Of Exercise Bikes For Indoor Cycling Explained

As an expert indoor cycling instructor and personal trainer to cyclists, I have used a lot of different indoor bikes, and they each come with advantages and disadvantages. Some are excellent for dynamic sessions, others can aid rehab and recovery, and some are just very comfortable to ride. In this article, I am going to be telling you everything you need to know about different types of exercise bikes.