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Bottom Bracket Removal: Title Image

Bottom Bracket Removal Explained: How-To Guide in 5 Steps [With Video Guide]

When you’re riding along, and every pedal stroke sounds like a rusty gate hinge, it can really take the enjoyment out of a ride. A bike’s pedaling should be silent, secure, and silky smooth. Pedaling that’s noisy, stiff, or wobbly is an indicator that bottom bracket removal might need to move to the top of your bike maintenance to-do list.

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Sintered Brake Pads: Title Image

What Are Sintered Brake Pads? Organic Vs Sintered Brake Pads Explained

If you’ve got disc brakes on your bike, then you’ll need to make an important decision as to which type of brake pad you wish to use: organic vs sintered brake pads. But what are sintered brake pads? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of sintered brake pads when compared to organic brake pads?

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Bike Headset Types: Title Image

Ultimate Bike Headset Types Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Bikes are made up of many different parts that come in all shapes and sizes. This makes each bike unique and gives it certain advantages and disadvantages, but can create countless compatibility headaches. What many cyclists find tricky to understand is the bike headset types. Every bike has a headset. Without one, you wouldn’t be able to steer!

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Ultimate Light Bikes Guide: Title Image

Ultimate Light Bikes Guide: Lightest Road, Mountain, And Electric Bikes in the World

One thing is undisputed in cycling technology: light bikes come with a huge number of benefits. The most significant of these is that a lighter bike lends itself to faster acceleration and deceleration. If you’re tackling a climb, you simply have less weight to drag up the hill, and it makes it easier to fight gravity. If you’re trying to slow down, you’re carrying less mass, and therefore less momentum, so can decelerate more sharply.