How To Maintain Your Cycling Fitness Over Winter: Winter Cycling Training Guide

Winter is a tough time for many cyclists. The days get cold, the nights get longer, and motivation is often low.

In my racing career as an ultra-endurance cyclist and from my experience working as a personal trainer to cyclists, I’ve seen firsthand the benefits of a well-thought-out winter training regime.

What To Look For In A Winter Road Bike: 6 Key Factors

Navigating icy terrain and challenging weather demands a winter road bike tailored to withstand the season’s rigours.

In this guide, we unravel the essential factors to consider when choosing your winter bike. From tire grip and inexpensive components to durability and comfort, we delve into six key elements that can make or break your cold-weather cycling experience.

Winter Cycling Clothes: What To Wear, and How To Choose The Right Gear for Biking in Winter

Many of us have the best intentions of committing to riding our bikes year-round – but when the winter cold sets in, it’s easy to lose the motivation to get out and ride.

In my hard-earned experience, the key to success in conquering the cold on your bike is the right winter cycling clothes.

8 Essential Tips For Biking In The Winter

Cycling is an extremely rewarding sport.

Whether you’re summer cycling or biking in the winter, getting on two wheels allows you to get from A to B, keep fit, and feel immersed in your surroundings and connected to the landscape around you all at the same time!

For some, however, it’s very much a summer sport.

But in reality, there are very few places where you cannot go biking in winter – and winter cycling can be extremely beautiful and very rewarding.