Meet The Team

Meet The Team 1

Rory McAllister

Senior Editor and UESCA Cycling Coach

A road cyclist at heart, Rory clocked early on that he had much more of a knack for writing about bikes than he ever did racing them. In recent years, the focus of Rory’s love affair with cycling has shifted to bikepacking – a discipline he found well-suited to his “enthusiasm-over-talent” approach.

Originally hailing from the United Kingdom, Rory is currently based in Buenos Aires, where he is loving taking advantage of all the backcountry bikepacking South America has to offer.

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Meet The Team 2

Ben Gibbons

Deputy Editor

Ben is an avid cyclist, evenly splitting his time between road and mountain bike. He is a particular fan of XC ultra-endurance riding, but nothing beats bikepacking with mates. He has toured extensively through the UK and is currently spending a summer in the Alps and Pyrenees trying to cycle up as many mountains as possible.

Alongside his cycling writing, Ben has a decade of professional experience as a personal trainer and sports massage therapist.

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Meet The Team 3

Jack Gazeley

Deputy Editor

Jack has been a two-wheel fanatic since a very young age. He loves zooming around the local country roads in Sussex on his road bike, and more recently enjoys flying down MTB trails on his gravel bike.

A supreme lover of bikepacking, Jack has ridden many long-distance cycle tours in the UK.

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Meet The Team 4

Robbie Ferri

Senior Technical Writer and Bike Maintenance Guru

Robbie has traveled the globe as an endurance athlete, challenging world records and competing in international ultra-cycling events such as the BikingMan series and the Transcontinental Race.

He’s also worked as an ambassador for some of the industry’s leading names, including Shimano and Ritchey. If Robbie’s not on a bike, he’s either fixing them or out walking with his dog.

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Meet The Team 5

Quentin Deby

Performance and Racing Features Writer

Quentin’s background in bike racing runs deep. In his youth, he won the prestigious junior Roc d’Azur MTB race before representing Belgium at the U17 European Championships in Graz, Austria. Shifting to road racing, he then competed in some of the biggest races on the junior calendar, including Gent-Wevelgem and the Tour of Flanders, before stepping up to race Liège-Bastogne-Liège and Paris-Roubaix as an U23.

With a breakthrough into the cut-throat environment of professional racing just out of reach, Quentin decided to shift his focus to embrace bike racing as a passion rather than a career. Now writing for BikeTips, Quentin’s experience provides invaluable insight into performance cycling – though he’s always ready to embrace the fun side of the sport he loves too and share his passion with others.

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Meet The Team 6

David Lavery

Features Writer

Something of an expert in balancing cycling and running with family life, David rediscovered his love of two wheels and Lycra on an epic yet rainy multi-day cycle across the isolated Scottish islands.

He can usually be found battling the North Sea winds and rolling hills of Aberdeenshire but sometimes gets to experience cycling without leg warmers in Europe.

He mistakenly thought that his background in aero-mechanical engineering would give him access to marginal gains. Instead, it gave him an inflated and dangerous sense of being able to fix things on the bike.

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Meet The Team 7

Amber Sayer

Sports Science Writer

Amber is a fitness and nutrition writer and editor, and contributes to several fitness, health, and cycling websites and publications. She holds two Masters’s degrees – one in Exercise Science and one in Prosthetics and Orthotics. As a certified personal trainer for 12 years, Amber enjoys staying active and helping others do so as well.

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Meet The Team 8

Riley Nicholas

Features Writer

One of BikeTips’ experienced cycling writers, Riley spends most of his time on a bike battling the hills of the Chilterns or winds of North Cornwall. Off the bike you’re likely to find him writing about cycling or reading about everything else.

Riley recently relocated to Vancouver, where he’s loving exploring British Columbia by bike in summer and on skis in winter.

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Meet The Team 9

Samuel Brown

Mountain Biking Writer

Samuel is a cycling fanatic – though “bike bum” might be a better term. After taking up road biking and racing for a couple of years, he fell into mountain biking and hasn’t stopped turning the pedals.

These days Samuel splits his time between the dirt and tarmac, pursuing huge rides and fresh adventures in the American Midwest.

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