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The Wall Manayunk during the Manayunk Bike Race 2009.

The Wall, Manayunk: America’s Most Iconic Climb

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Ben Gibbons

In the heart of Philadelphia, nestled along the Schuylkill River, there lies a stretch of road that has found itself a special place in cycling folklore – the infamous ascent known simply as “The Wall” in Manayunk. From the inception of the Philadelphia International Championship to the legendary battles fought by cyclists like Greg Henderson and Lance Armstrong, this steep, winding climb has etched its place in the history of American cycling, weaving tales of triumph, agony, and sheer determination.

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My bike on a beach in Oman at the end of my bikepacking route.

How To Plan A Bikepacking Route: The Expert Guide

Robbie Ferri
Robbie Ferri author profile photo.

Through my own bikepacking and ultra-cycling experience, which has seen me race the BikingMan series, the Transcontinental Race, and even (briefly) hold the world record for most countries cycled through in a week, I’ve learned my fair share of bikepacking route planning tips and tricks. Now, I want to pass that hard-won knowledge on to other bikepackers just starting out!