What Is A Spin Class? Types and Benefits, Explained By An Instructor

My first experience of a spin class was going with my sister, who was a regular to the spin scene. Before we went, I asked her, “What is a spin class?” She told me it would be tough cardio session, but it will be very fun. She couldn’t have been more right. Resistance up, resistance … Read more

The 5 Key Types Of Exercise Bikes For Indoor Cycling Explained

As an expert indoor cycling instructor and personal trainer to cyclists, I have used a lot of different indoor bikes, and they each come with advantages and disadvantages.

Some are excellent for dynamic sessions, others can aid rehab and recovery, and some are just very comfortable to ride.

In this article, I am going to be telling you everything you need to know about different types of exercise bikes.

Cycling At Desks: Do Under Desk Bikes Work?

We all know that sitting at a desk for eight hours a day, pouring over yet another spreadsheet, is not at all how it was meant to be. Our bodies have evolved across millions of years and countless iterations to move and keep on moving.

The office is the opposite of this, but step forward the growing phenomenon of cycling at desks!

What Muscles Does Spinning Work? The 8 Benefits Of Spin Class Workouts

After finishing your first spin class, you’ll probably notice a couple of things: you’re drenched in sweat, and your legs feel like jelly. Most people intuitively know that any type of cycling uses the muscles in your legs – but what muscles does spinning work? When you’re seated on the saddle, the muscular workload for … Read more

What Is A Good Peloton Output? And How Does Peloton Calculate Output?

Peloton Output is one of the most essential pieces of data to highlight your progress on a Peloton bike. But this information leaves a lot of us wondering: What is a good Peloton Output? What constitutes a “good” Peloton Output is a very individual concept, and will vary massively from cyclist to cyclist. Personally, I’d … Read more