Internal Gear Hubs For Bikes Explained: Everything You Need To Know

Searching for a smoother and low-maintenance cycling experience? Internal gear hubs might be your answer. Internal gear hubs were incredibly popular in years gone by, but for a long time fell to the wayside of mainstream cycling. Now, they’re making a comeback. From understanding how internal gear hubs work to exploring their benefits and potential … Read more

How To Put A Bike Chain Back On In 4 Easy Steps [With Video]

Having your bike chain fall off is a nuisance all cyclists will experience at some point.

Besides being irritating, it can also be dangerous – you could slip off the pedals if the chain comes off while you’re standing out of the saddle, or the sudden loss of power could leave you stranded in the middle of a busy junction!

It’s therefore vital to learn how to put a bike chain back on quickly and easily so you can get back in the saddle with minimal fuss.

Chain Vs Belt-Drive Electric Bikes: Are Belt-Drive eBikes Better?

Belt drives are becoming increasingly popular for bicycles as technology improves, and belt-drive electric bikes are particularly well-suited to take advantage of the design’s unique characteristics.

If you are thinking about joining the ranks of electric bike riders, in this article, we will take a look at the different transmission systems and whether belt-drive electric bikes are superior to the traditional chain-drive system.

How To Clean A Bike Cassette In 6 Steps: Ultimate Guide to Cleaning A Cassette [With Video Guide]

One job that many cyclists neglect but is a great skill to learn is cleaning a cassette.

Keeping a clean cassette comes with a lot of benefits, and it doesn’t take long to do. Although it might look challenging when you know what you’re doing, it’s a very simple and easy process.

What To Use On Your Bicycle: Wet Vs Dry Lube

When it comes to lubricating your chain, there’s a regular dilemma cyclists face for their bicycle: wet vs dry lube.

Lubrication is essential for the health and longevity of your drivetrain, and with your chain, you want to get it right. Deciding between dry lube vs wet lube for your chain isn’t obvious for the uninitiated.

Cross Chaining: What Is It, And Is It Really That Bad For Your Bike?

The nature of cycling leaves plenty of room to form bad habits. Some bad habits make you a less efficient rider, while others take their toll on your bike and its components. Many cyclists consider one of those bad habits to be “cross chaining” – but is it really that bad? Cross-chaining is when the … Read more

Bike Crank Removal Explained: How-To Guide in 7 Steps [With Video]

When it comes to cycling, you can benefit so much from knowing how to work on your own bike. Bike crank removal is one of those jobs that are essential to understand as it plays a vital role in deep cleaning, bottom bracket maintenance, and repairs or replacements to your chainrings – as well as … Read more

What Is A Granny Gear On A Bike – And How Should You Set One Up?

Do you find that your gearing is just too high for steep climbs or fully loaded bikepacking gear? If you struggle to get up steep climbs or spend long days in the saddle on a bikepacking trip, you probably need a granny gear. Despite the name, a granny gear isn’t just for grandmothers. But what … Read more

Bike Chain Waxing: Beginner’s Guide With Pictures (And Is It Worth The Hassle?)

Keeping your bike chain in tip-top condition is vital. The better you look after your bike, the longer it’s going to last and the more it will perform while you’re out cycling. One exciting new development many cyclists have taken to is using bike chain wax.  The process of waxing a bike chain is actually … Read more

The Bike Drivetrain Explained

If you’re new to cycling, you might’ve overheard more experienced cyclists chatting about replacing or upgrading parts of their bike’s “drivetrain”. But what is a bike drivetrain, and what different bike parts does it include? To help you get to grips with your bicycle drivetrain, we’ll be covering: Ready for the lowdown on drivetrain bike … Read more