Ultimate Carretera Austral Cycling Guide

One of the most beautiful cycling routes in the world, the Carretera Austral is a road stretching over 1200 km through Chilean Patagonia. Patagonia – “the end of the world” – is the southernmost region in South America, shared between Chile and Argentina. It is known for its beautiful scenery and is littered with dramatic … Read more

What Is A Granny Gear On A Bike – And How Should You Set One Up?

Do you find that your gearing is just too high for steep climbs or fully loaded bikepacking gear? If you struggle to get up steep climbs or spend long days in the saddle on a bikepacking trip, you probably need a granny gear. Despite the name, a granny gear isn’t just for grandmothers. When you … Read more

Transcontinental Race: Europe’s Toughest Bike Race

One of the most unorthodox cycling events in Europe, the Transcontinental Race – often abbreviated to TCR – is exactly what it says on the tin: a race that spans the whole of Europe. Fancy cycling all day, every day, bivvying up in bushes at the side of the road every night for a few … Read more

The Complete Hebridean Way Cycling Guide: Island-By-Island

The ultimate island-hopping bikepacking trip, the Hebridean way is an iconic multi-day cycle through Scotland’s stunning Outer Hebrides. Spanning ten of the Outer Hebridean islands, the Hebridean Way includes two ferries, six causeways, sharp climbs, countless beaches, and some of the United Kingdom’s most incredible wildlife. If you’re looking for your next bikepacking adventure, look … Read more

Fat Tire Bikes: The Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate Off-Roaders

Have you ever wanted to be able to traverse any terrain on your bike? Fat tire bikes are the piece of kit designed for this kind of riding freedom! They can traverse just about any terrain you can get two wheels on. Whether you’re traversing Antarctica, the harsh Alaskan winter, or giant Peruvian sand dunes, … Read more

Friction Shifting Explained: What Is Friction Shifting On A Bike?

Imagine a time before your trusty Shimano indexed shifters. Everything’s normal until you approach a steep hill. You look down towards your handlebars and see nothing to help you change gears – except for these strange-looking twisty levers on your down tube. These are friction shifters. They’re old-school bike shifters and were the standard until Shimano … Read more

What Is A Touring Bike? Touring Bike Vs Road Bike Explained

Bicycle touring has become super popular in the last few years. By combining the thrill of cycling, the adventure of backpacking, and the freedom and sense of achievement of hiking, it can make for a pretty amazing outdoor experience. However, if you’re new to the world of bike touring, you might be a little confused … Read more

A Complete Guide To Bicycle Touring: Everything You Need To Know To Travel By Bike

Bicycle touring has exploded in popularity over the last few years – and for good reason! Whether you’re a dedicated cyclist desperate for a new challenge, a seasoned globetrotter fed up with the long, cramped bus journeys along the same worn-out tourist trails as everybody else, or a casual rider just looking for a unique … Read more