When Should You Shift Gears on a Bike?

Cycling is more than just hopping on a bike and pedaling away; it’s a dance of mechanics, physics, and human effort, all harmonizing to create a simpler ride. At the heart of your performance lies the art to shift gears on a bike.

For many, gears are those mysterious rings and chains that somehow make hills manageable and descents thrilling. But how to know when to shift gears and how to shift gears?

Gearing On A Mountain Bike: Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to gearing on a mountain bike, knowing your stuff goes a long way. You can really take the fun out of a good bike ride by having to jump off the bike and walk up a hill.

What could be even more frustrating is having your friends fly past you on the way down while your gears are spinning out.

Ultimate Guide To Bike Gear Ratios (With Bike Gear Ratio Calculator)

If you’re struggling to get up hills or “spinning out” on every descent, the chances are you could do with changing your bike gear ratios! You should be able to comfortably turn the pedals up any gradient (within reason – 30% is always going to be a challenge, regardless of gearing), and you should be … Read more