What Is A Narrow Wide Chainring – And Should You Be Using One?

If you’re the unlucky owner of a regularly-dropping chain, a narrow wide chainring might provide the perfect solution to your chain retention woes. A narrow wide chainring employs a special tooth profile to increase chain retention – reducing those incredibly annoying chain drops. This is especially useful for those who enjoy riding rough, off-road trails … Read more

The Oval Chainring Explained: Is Oval Better Than Round?

Chainrings are integral to powering your bike. They transmit the power you create by turning the pedals and cranks to the rear wheel via the chain. They also optimize your pedal power by utilizing different gear ratios for different terrains and gradients. They’re conventionally circular – but oval chainrings are becoming more and more popular. But what … Read more

The Bike Drivetrain Explained

If you’re new to cycling, you might’ve overheard more experienced cyclists chatting about replacing or upgrading parts of their bike’s “drivetrain”. But what is a bike drivetrain, and what different bike parts does it include? To help you get to grips with your bicycle drivetrain, we’ll be covering: Ready for the lowdown on drivetrain bike … Read more