Clipless Pedals Vs Flats: Which Is Right For You?

While clipless pedals tend to be the choice of most serious cyclists, especially in road cycling, flat pedals have plenty of advantages too, and shouldn’t be rejected out of hand. When weighing up clipless pedals vs flats, there’s plenty to consider. Clipless pedals provide better pedaling efficiency and keep your foot secure, but flat pedals … Read more

The Bike Drivetrain Explained

If you’re new to cycling, you might’ve overheard more experienced cyclists chatting about replacing or upgrading parts of their bike’s “drivetrain”. But what is a bike drivetrain, and what different bike parts does it include? To help you get to grips with your bicycle drivetrain, we’ll be covering: Ready for the lowdown on drivetrain bike … Read more

Types Of Bike Pedals: Every Type Explained

One of the most critical points of contact you have with your bike is the pedals. You can put an incredible amount of power into them, but they also give you valuable feedback from the surface you are riding on. Therefore, you should carefully consider what pedals you fit to your bike. There are different … Read more