Bicycle Lifespans: How Long Do Bikes Last (And Do Electric Bikes Die Faster?)

Any proud bike owner should be concerned with its health and longevity. A bike’s lifespan is determined by a combination of materials, maintenance, riding conditions, and above all, how well the bike is cared for. There’s no hard and fast answer when asking how long bikes last. While moving parts may wear out and need … Read more

What To Use On Your Bicycle: Wet Vs Dry Lube

When it comes to lubricating your chain, there’s a regular dilemma cyclists face for their bicycle: wet vs dry lube.

Lubrication is essential for the health and longevity of your drivetrain, and with your chain, you want to get it right. Deciding between dry lube vs wet lube for your chain isn’t obvious for the uninitiated.

How To Clean A Bike Chain In 5 Steps [With Pictures]

Bike maintenance is a big part of cycling. Learning how to work on and maintain your bike is very satisfying and can save you money and time.

A job we highly recommend learning is how to clean a bike chain. 

A clean chain goes a long way when it comes to cycling, but many riders don’t actually know how to clean their chain properly.

8 Top Tips To Make Your Bike Last Longer

Bikes these days can easily set you back thousands of dollars, and the constant need to replace certain parts only increases the cost. So, it’s worth doing everything possible to ensure that your bike and its components last as long as possible.

But what are some good tips to make your bike last longer? And how can you ensure that your components don’t need replacing very often?