How To Adjust Handlebar Height On A Bike [With Pictures]

As a professional bike fitter, I know all too well how important optimizing your handlebar height for maximizing comfort and performance on your bike. It’s one of the first areas I examine when working with clients. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of adjusting handlebar height, ensuring your ride is tailored to … Read more

How To Replace A Bike Brake Cable In 5 Steps [With Pictures]

Cycling is great fun, and little else can beat a good day out on the bike.

When you’re a cyclist, it is always good to learn how to fix your own bike. One of the most worthwhile jobs to learn is how to replace a bike brake cable.

Having your brakes working properly is vital. Although many people think it’s a complicated process, it’s a very easy job that doesn’t take long.

8 Top Tips To Make Your Bike Last Longer

Bikes these days can easily set you back thousands of dollars, and the constant need to replace certain parts only increases the cost. So, it’s worth doing everything possible to ensure that your bike and its components last as long as possible.

But what are some good tips to make your bike last longer? And how can you ensure that your components don’t need replacing very often?

Bike Chain Waxing: Beginner’s Guide With Pictures (And Is It Worth The Hassle?)

Keeping your bike chain in tip-top condition is vital. The better you look after your bike, the longer it’s going to last and the more it will perform while you’re out cycling. One exciting new development many cyclists have taken to is using bike chain wax.  The process of waxing a bike chain is actually … Read more