The Bike Drivetrain Explained

If you’re new to cycling, you might’ve overheard more experienced cyclists chatting about replacing or upgrading parts of their bike’s “drivetrain”. But what is a bike drivetrain, and what different bike parts does it include? To help you get to grips with your bicycle drivetrain, we’ll be covering: What Is The Bike Drivetrain Each Of … Read more

How To Clean A Bike Chain In 6 Steps [With Pictures]

Having a clean bike chain isn’t just to make your bike look nice and new. Knowing how to clean a bike chain will help your bike perform better while improving the life span of the chain and drivetrain components. Therefore it is vital to clean your bike chain regularly. It will keep you riding at … Read more

Complete Guide To Bike Chain Length: How To Size A Bike Chain

Having the right chain length on your bike is vital. If your chain is too long, you stand more chance of it dropping off the chainring while you ride. This is especially the case for mountain bikers riding rough terrain. On the other end of the spectrum, if your chain is too short it could … Read more