What Size Inner Tube Do I Need For My Bike? [With Bike Inner Tube Size Chart]

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to replacing the inner tube is finding the correct size. As someone who has spent years working in a bike shop, I am very used to hearing, “What size inner tube do I need for my bike?” 

If only we had the bike inner tube size chart beforehand. Well, in this article, we are going to be telling you everything you need to know.

Hybrid Bike Tire Pressure Explained: The Essential Info

Tire pressure is a major factor in both your cycling performance and comfort.

As a professional endurance cyclist competing in races across the globe, as well as a qualified bike fitter and mechanic, I’ve spent countless hours experimenting with bike setups and optimizing hybrid bike tire pressures, and I want to share that experience with you.

Gravel Bike Tire Pressure Explained: The Essential Info

Gravel bikes are fairly new to cycling compared to other disciplines. It’s like they came out of nowhere about five years ago, only to be everywhere now.

We get some excellent questions about gravel bikes, but one that always comes up is: “What’s the best gravel bike tire pressure?”

How To Use A Bike Pump: Hand Pumps and Track Pumps [With Video Guide]

The single bike maintenance skill you’ll use most often is knowing how to use a bike pump.

Pumping up your bike tires is a task you are going to be doing all the time. It might be to get the optimum PSI, or you might get a puncture on the road and need to get the air back in the tube.

How To Inflate Presta Valves In 5 Easy Steps [With Video Guide]

Learning how to inflate Presta valves is one of those beginner bike maintenance jobs that are incredibly simple once you know how to do it – but you still need to be shown the first time!

It’s also one of the most important bike maintenance tasks to get nailed down, as it’s the one you’re likely to find yourself performing most often.