How To Replace Rim Brake Pads On A Bike In 7 Steps [With Pictures]

When it comes to cycling, brakes are obviously one of the most vital components.

If your brakes aren’t in order, you’re not going to have an enjoyable – or safe – ride. The majority of beginner and intermediate bikes are still fitted with rim brakes, so it’s essential to learn how to replace rim brake pads.

How To Replace A Bike Brake Cable In 5 Steps [With Pictures]

Cycling is great fun, and little else can beat a good day out on the bike.

When you’re a cyclist, it is always good to learn how to fix your own bike. One of the most worthwhile jobs to learn is how to replace a bike brake cable.

Having your brakes working properly is vital. Although many people think it’s a complicated process, it’s a very easy job that doesn’t take long.

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