Omnium Cycling: The Ultimate Olympians’ Test

Known as the “Decathlon of Track Cycling”, omnium cycling is a thrilling test of endurance and tactical track-craft. However, the complexity of omnium cycling’s rules and points systems can make it mystifying to newcomers. And to add to the confusion, the event’s structure has had yet another overhaul in the last few years. Fear not! … Read more

What Is A Tour De France Peloton?

Whether it’s the Tour de France or an Olympic road race, you’ll hear the term peloton used pretty often in cycling commentary. So what does it actually mean? Put simply, a peloton is a large group of riders bunched together on the race route. In the context of the Tour de France, it tends to … Read more

Time Trial Bikes: What Is A TT Bike?

If you’ve ever watched a Tour de France time trial stage or seen photos of one in the Sunday newspaper, you’ve probably caught yourself wondering: What on earth are those space-aged bikes they’re zipping along on? The answer: they’re time trial bikes (or TT bikes for short). They probably look – and cost – more … Read more