What Is A Cycling Echelon? Echelon Cycling Formation Explained

A technique developed to reduce the effect of a crosswind, a cycling echelon formation can make or break a team‘s tactics on a windy day. Crosswinds can have remarkable effects on a road race, often producing large time gaps, and resulting in a thrilling watch for the spectators. Riders often use a formation known as … Read more

What Is A Tour De France Peloton?

The 2022 Tour de France is set to kick off in Copenhagen, Denmark on July 1st, and end later that month at the famous Champs-Élysées finishing point. An iconic Grand Tour that has been going since 1903, the Tour de France pits the world’s best road cyclists against each other in an epic 3,500-kilometre race. … Read more

Domestique Cycling: Bike Racing’s Ultimate Team Players

Anybody who pays even a little attention to the world of professional road racing and the Tour de France has likely heard of the sport’s superstars: names like Chris Froome, Greg LeMond, Eddy Merckx, and – the most infamous rider of all – Lance Armstrong. If you’re familiar with these riders, you might also have … Read more