What Is A Disc Wheel On A Bike?

Ever watched track cycling in the Olympics and wondered why they have those peculiar-looking disc wheels?  Well, you’ve come to the right place!  To get you up to speed on disc wheels, we’ll be covering:  What Is A disc wheel? What’s The Difference Between Disc Wheels And Road Bike Wheels? How much faster are disc … Read more

Beryl Burton: The Greatest Female Cyclist of the 20th Century

“Amazing’s all you can say.” “She’s a one-off.” “Not another lady like her – and there never will be, ever again.” It’s 1986, in a windswept car park in North Yorkshire. Though the Tour de France is underway, back in England, it’s Beryl Burton these cyclists are talking about, as she warms up for the … Read more

Time Trial Bikes: What Is A TT Bike?

If you’ve ever watched a Tour de France time trial stage or seen photos of one in the Sunday newspaper, you’ve probably caught yourself wondering: What on earth are those space-aged bikes they’re zipping along on? The answer: they’re time trial bikes (or TT bikes for short). They probably look – and cost – more … Read more