What is Madison Cycling? All You Need To Know

Madison cycling is a thrilling test of speed, endurance, teamwork, and racecraft in the velodrome. Put simply, the Madison is a track cycling event where two teammates take turns riding and resting, with one rider actively racing while the other waits in the wings, aiming to accumulate the most points by winning intermediate sprints throughout … Read more

Cross Country Bike: What Is An XC Mountain Bike?

“XC” or Cross Country cycling is a test of physical endurance and technical ability. Riders race on specialized “XC” or Cross Country bikes. But what is it that makes an XC mountain bike an XC mountain bike? The short answer: an XC bike is a lightweight, agile mountain bike specifically designed for speed and stability … Read more

Omnium Cycling: The Ultimate Olympians’ Test

Known as the “Decathlon of Track Cycling”, omnium cycling is a thrilling test of endurance and tactical track-craft. However, the complexity of omnium cycling’s rules and points systems can make it mystifying to newcomers. And to add to the confusion, the event’s structure has had yet another overhaul in the last few years. Fear not! … Read more

12-Week Olympic Triathlon Training Plan

So, you’ve just signed up for your first Olympic triathlon? Time to get serious about your training! A 12-week Olympic Triathlon training plan should be sufficient to get you fit enough to complete the distance. The Olympic Triathlon training plan below will see your workouts intensify and become more frequent as you progress through the … Read more

What Is A BMX Bike? History And Overview Of BMX Trick Bikes

The BMX is the wild child of bikes, built for crazy stunts and off-road adventures. It’s got a compact frame, usually has small, 20-inch wheels, and can handle all sorts of tricks. Whether you’re tearing it up on dirt tracks, pulling off stunts, or just cruising around the streets, BMX bikes bring the fun. The … Read more

Keirin Racing: The Fascinating Story Of Cycling’s Wildest Olympic Event

To outsiders, Keirin racing is a curiosity, an odd but feverishly exciting fan-favorite that crops up every four years at the Olympics, then fades out of view until the next Olympic cycle. But in the livewire event’s birthplace of Japan, Keirin is a 12-billion-dollar national obsession. Steeped in tradition, it demands a strictly regimented way … Read more