The World’s Fastest Bikes: Road Bikes, Track Bikes, And Prototypes

Traveling with speed is one of the most fun elements of cycling, whether you’re a road racer or you just enjoy hopping on your bike for the daily commute. But what is the world’s fastest bike? In this article, we’ll guide you through some of the speediest bikes out there, exploring: The World’s Fastest Road … Read more

The ‘Fixie’: What Is A Fixie Bike?

Fixed-wheel bikes – better known as ‘fixies’ – seem to be getting more and more popular by the day. Previously only really seen on the banked tracks of the velodrome or with the odd bike courier, these days it feels rare to walk past a hipster café or college housing block without a convoy of … Read more

Keirin Racing: The Fascinating Story Of Cycling’s Wildest Olympic Event

To outsiders, Keirin racing is a curiosity, an odd but feverishly exciting fan-favorite that crops up every four years at the Olympics, then fades out of view until the next Olympic cycle. But in the livewire event’s birthplace of Japan, Keirin is a 12-billion-dollar national obsession. Steeped in tradition, it demands a strictly regimented way … Read more