The Wall, Manayunk: America’s Most Iconic Climb

In the heart of Philadelphia, nestled along the Schuylkill River, there lies a stretch of road that has found itself a special place in cycling folklore – the infamous ascent known simply as “The Wall” in Manayunk.

From the inception of the Philadelphia International Championship to the legendary battles fought by cyclists like Greg Henderson and Lance Armstrong, this steep, winding climb has etched its place in the history of American cycling, weaving tales of triumph, agony, and sheer determination.

Hero to Zero: What Is Lance Armstrong Doing Now?

An iconic figure who pedaled his way to seven consecutive Tour de France titles, his legacy turned to ashes with the greatest doping scandal in the history of the sport.

But what is Lance Armstrong doing now? As he shifts gears from the saddle to entrepreneurial ventures, podcasts, TV shows, and even a deep-diving documentary, one thing remains clear: Lance Armstrong is indefatigable. 

What Is A Good Cadence For Cycling – And Why Is Cycling Cadence So Important?

As an ex-professional cyclist with years of experience in competitive cycling, I’ve come to understand that success on the bike isn’t just about raw power and endurance.

Whether you’re a novice cyclist looking to improve your efficiency or a seasoned rider aiming to optimize your training, understanding the importance of cycling cadence and its relationship with your cycling performance is essential.

Riding On The Edge: The 5 Greatest Controversies in Tour de France History

Scandal is at the heart of the mythology of Le Tour that feeds the cycling fanatics and whips the sporting world into a frenzy for one month every summer a century later. With this year’s edition fast approaching, we’re looking back at the 5 most controversial moments in Tour de France history.

Winner Takes All: The 5 Most Dramatic Finishes in Tour de France History

Even after three weeks of racing and a few thousand kilometers in the legs, sprinkled with some of the most vertiginous climbs known to man, the Tour de France can be settled by just a handful of seconds.

With the Tour de France 2023 just coming into view, let’s take a look at the 5 most dramatic finishes in Tour de France history.

Lance Armstrong Bikes: The Story of the Disgraced Champion Told Through 9 Iconic Tour de France Bikes

Lance Armstrong rode many bikes during his now-infamous career, always in pursuit of the best technologies and performance.

This article will explore nine legendary Lance Armstrong bikes that he rode while conquering the Tour de France, showcasing the evolution of materials and technology in the sport.

Lance Armstrong’s Trek Butterfly Madone: The Story of the Most Expensive Bike Ever Sold

Lance Armstrong’s Trek Butterfly Madone was astonishing, extravagant, and controversial in equal measure – not unlike the disgraced American’s career.

The one-off creation – essentially an artwork on two wheels, created by the idiosyncratic British artist Damien Hirst – would go on to become the most expensive bike ever sold at auction, fetching a jaw-dropping $500,000 for charity.

The Hautacam Climb: Ultimate Cyclist’s Guide

The Hautacam is a sensational climb and one on the bucket list of many cyclists due to its infamous history and testing gradients.

Although it is not as long as nearby behemoths such as the Col du Tourmalet, it still packs a punch. It is well known for boasting an abundance of steep gradients, which are littered at random points throughout the climb.

Cycling’s Darkest Hour: The Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal Explained

The Lance Armstrong doping case was the greatest scandal to ever hit the cycling world.

For many years, Lance Armstrong was the poster boy of the Tour de France and helped to elevate the competition to global popularity with his success.

In this article, we’ll give you the complete story of cycling’s biggest scandal: Lance Armstrong’s doping case, from start to finish.

Vintage Trek Bikes: A Beginner’s Guide

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Tour de France History: A Brief Introduction

The most prestigious and iconic race in the cycling calendar, the Tour de France has changed immeasurably from its formative years. The Tour de France is an annual multi-stage cycling race held (mostly) in France. Beginning well over a century ago, the Tour de France history is one of the longest and most fascinating of … Read more

Marco Pantani: The Rise and Fall of Cycling’s Greatest Climber

Marco Pantani is revered by cyclists as arguably the greatest climber in the sport’s history. However, the story of this legend’s spectacular climb to greatness is mired in controversy, and ends tragically surrounded by doping allegations, depression, and addiction. Who was Marco Pantani? Why is he known as the greatest climber in history? What happened … Read more