Tour de France History: A Brief Introduction

The most prestigious and iconic race in the cycling calendar, the Tour de France has changed immeasurably from its formative years. The Tour de France is an annual multi-stage cycling race held (mostly) in France. Beginning well over a century ago, the Tour de France history is one of the longest and most fascinating of … Read more

What is a Penny Farthing Bicycle?

When you think of an old-timey bicycle, what comes to mind? The penny farthing is a 19th-century bike design featuring one very large front wheel and a comparatively tiny rear wheel. This bike is also known as a high wheel. How did this odd bike come to be? Why the unusual design?  What is a penny … Read more

Marco Pantani: The Rise and Fall of Cycling’s Greatest Climber

Marco Pantani is revered by cyclists as arguably the greatest climber in the sport’s history. However, the story of this legend’s spectacular climb to greatness is mired in controversy, and ends tragically surrounded by doping allegations, depression, and addiction. Who was Marco Pantani? Why is he known as the greatest climber in history? What happened … Read more

Ultimate Giro d’Italia Jersey Guide: The Maglia Rosa And More

As the peloton races around the Italian countryside, you’ll notice the riders’ Giro d’Italia jerseys are just as colorful as the beautiful scenery. Just like the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia has its own set of colored jerseys for different classifications, with riders competing fiercely to win different each one. And the colored jerseys … Read more

Major Taylor: The Story of a Cycling Icon

Major Taylor was the first African American Cycling World Champion, a formidable athlete and gentlemanly competitor who has been described as “the world’s first Black sports superstar”. Taylor won numerous international races and set a slew of world records in a time marred by vicious racism. His is an inspiring story of overcoming the odds … Read more

The “Maillot Jaune”: History Of The Tour De France Yellow Jersey

The 2022 Tour de France is fast approaching. One of the oldest and most iconic multi-stage bike races in the world, the Tour de France has a history stretching back almost 120 years, with the first edition taking place in 1903. However, it’s changed dramatically since then. This year’s edition covers a total distance of … Read more