Riding Through Time: History of Le Tour Told in 15 Iconic Tour de France Bikes

Fasten your helmets and prepare to embark on a riveting journey that cycles through over a century of pedal-pushing evolution, exploring the transformation and innovation of historic Tour de France bikes.

We’ll explore the nuances of each epoch, focusing on the innovations and adaptations that have transformed the face of professional cycling.

Winner Takes All: The 5 Most Dramatic Finishes in Tour de France History

Even after three weeks of racing and a few thousand kilometers in the legs, sprinkled with some of the most vertiginous climbs known to man, the Tour de France can be settled by just a handful of seconds.

With the Tour de France 2023 just coming into view, let’s take a look at the 5 most dramatic finishes in Tour de France history.

15 Most Iconic Moments in Tour de France History

From the grueling ascents to the perilous descents, from breathtaking victories to heartbreaking losses, the Tour de France has provided the world with some of the most dramatic moments in sports history.

With the 2023 Tour de France on the horizon, we’re going to take you on a remarkable journey, filled with pivotal breakthroughs and legendary clashes, covering the 15 Most Iconic Moments in Tour de France History.

Lance Armstrong Bikes: The Story of the Disgraced Champion Told Through 9 Iconic Tour de France Bikes

Lance Armstrong rode many bikes during his now-infamous career, always in pursuit of the best technologies and performance.

This article will explore nine legendary Lance Armstrong bikes that he rode while conquering the Tour de France, showcasing the evolution of materials and technology in the sport.

Mont Ventoux: Ultimate Cyclist’s Guide

A brutally steep mountain that pierces the Provence countryside, Mont Ventoux is an outlier that can be seen for miles, disrupting the scenic rolling hills and picturesque vineyards.

Also known as “Giant of Provence”, it’s a worthy challenge for any cyclist and home to some of the sport’s richest history, and should not be underestimated.

Tour de France History: A Brief Introduction

The most prestigious and iconic race in the cycling calendar, the Tour de France has changed immeasurably from its formative years. The Tour de France is an annual multi-stage cycling race held (mostly) in France. Beginning well over a century ago, the Tour de France history is one of the longest and most fascinating of … Read more