Lance Armstrong Bikes: The Story of the Disgraced Champion Told Through 9 Iconic Tour de France Bikes

Lance Armstrong rode many bikes during his now-infamous career, always in pursuit of the best technologies and performance.

This article will explore nine legendary Lance Armstrong bikes that he rode while conquering the Tour de France, showcasing the evolution of materials and technology in the sport.

Lance Armstrong’s Trek Butterfly Madone: The Story of the Most Expensive Bike Ever Sold

Lance Armstrong’s Trek Butterfly Madone was astonishing, extravagant, and controversial in equal measure – not unlike the disgraced American’s career.

The one-off creation – essentially an artwork on two wheels, created by the idiosyncratic British artist Damien Hirst – would go on to become the most expensive bike ever sold at auction, fetching a jaw-dropping $500,000 for charity.