Bike Gears Slipping? Why Chains Slip On Bicycles – and How To Fix It

Any bike ride can be ruined pretty quickly if your bike doesn’t work properly, and one of the most annoying problems is your gears slipping.

Not only does it not feel awful, but gears slipping on bicycles can also be pretty dangerous if you are putting a lot of power down. It’s not an efficient way to ride a bike and can play havoc on your components.

Friction Shifting Explained: What Is Friction Shifting On A Bike?

Imagine a time before your trusty Shimano indexed shifters. Everything’s normal until you approach a steep hill. You look down towards your handlebars and see nothing to help you change gears – except for these strange-looking twisty levers on your down tube. These are friction shifters. They’re old-school bike shifters and were the standard until Shimano … Read more