How To Train For A Long-Distance Bikepacking Trip Like A Pro

There’s something incredibly special about riding long distances. It might be the endorphins your body releases or all the great sights you get to see. Whatever it may be, long-distance bikepacking ticks a lot of the boxes for people. As a bikepacking and ultra-cycling expert who has not only raced at a high level but … Read more

What Is A Randonnée in Cycling – And Why Should You Start Randonneuring?

Put simply, a “randonnée” (also known as “brevet” or “Audax”, depending on where you are in the world) is a long-distance, non-competitive, self-supported bike ride.

Randonnée courses are typically 200 km (125 miles) or longer, with predetermined checkpoints through which riders must pass. Finishing order does not matter; the sole aim is to complete the course within the time limit.

My BikingMan Oman Race Diary: Ultra Cycling in the Arabian Desert

In the heart of the Arabian Peninsula lies Oman, a land of mesmerizing beauty, rugged terrain – and an unexpected cyclist’s haven.

Racing BikingMan Oman in its first edition back was one of the true highlights of my cycling life. Not only was it an intense physical challenge, but it was also one of the most unique places I have ever ridden a bike.

Race Across America: Everything You Need To Know About An Ultra-Endurance Icon

The Race Across America (RAAM) is a grueling ultra-endurance bicycle race that takes participants on an epic expedition across the United States.

The race traverses approximately 4800 km (3000 miles) from the west coast of America to the east as fast as your legs will carry you!

The Century Ride: How To Train For A 100 Mile Bike Ride (+Training Plan)

Your first century ride is a big deal and is a common benchmark for many road cyclists. In fact, the satisfaction of completing a 100-mile bike ride doesn’t really diminish, even if you’ve done it a few times! However, completing a century ride isn’t just a case of going for a long ride – it’s … Read more

Zone 2 Training: Cycling Endurance Training Guide

During a long and steady ride, you probably don’t think of what heart rate zone you are in. But there is a good chance you are zone 2 training for a large portion of these long-distance rides, especially if you ride regularly. The great thing about zone 2 cycling is that you experience a whole … Read more