Fasted Workouts for Cyclists: Everything You Need To Know

Fasted training, or “fasted cardio,” involves engaging in exercise on an empty stomach, usually in the morning, following an overnight fast.

In this in-depth analysis, I’ll explore the essential knowledge you need about fasted workouts for cyclists, delving into the science, pros and cons, and who should consider incorporating this approach into their training regimen.

What Is Bonking In Cycling – And How Do You Avoid It?

It’s happened to most cyclists at one time or another. Your ride is going great, you’re enjoying the miles in the saddle, your legs feel strong, and your heart rate is under control. But within minutes, everything changes. The wheels fall off – metaphorically speaking. Suddenly, every pedal stroke feels ten times harder than the … Read more

What Is A Musette Bag in Cycling? “Bonk Bags” Explained

If you’ve been following this year’s Tour de France, you might’ve noticed each team’s domestiques grabbing bags from their soigneurs at the side of the road at certain points on a stage, then dishing out the contents to their teammates. This sack is called a musette bag – or a “bonk bag” if you’re British … Read more

How Many Calories Does Cycling Burn? Here’s Our Calories Burned Biking Calculator

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Coffee Before Cycling: The 4 Performance Benefits (And 5 Drawbacks)

Many people start their day with a cup of coffee to wake themselves up, but does slurping a cup of coffee before cycling give you any benefits? Of course, the caffeine content in a cup of coffee can give you a boost that will enhance your performance during a ride. This is a fact recognized … Read more

What Makes A Healthy Cycling Diet?

A healthy cycling diet should provide your body with the energy and nutrients you need to fuel and recover from your rides, increase lean body mass, and support overall health. A poor diet can not only compromise your rides and limit your performance in workouts, but it can also detract and undo much of the … Read more