Bicycle Lifespans: How Long Do Bikes Last (And Do Electric Bikes Die Faster?)

Any proud bike owner should be concerned with its health and longevity. A bike’s lifespan is determined by a combination of materials, maintenance, riding conditions, and above all, how well the bike is cared for. There’s no hard and fast answer when asking how long bikes last. While moving parts may wear out and need … Read more

Cracked Head Tube: Is It Safe To Ride, And Can It Be Fixed?

Even if you take great care of your bike, unforeseen issues can arise – and a cracked head tube is a concern that demands immediate attention.

In this article, we’ll be covering the causes of head tube cracks, why the frame material is relevant, the potential dangers of riding a bike with a cracked head tube, and possible fixes that can be made to a cracked head tube (as well as questioning whether that’s really a good idea at all!).