The 8 Best Peloton Instructors To Match Your Workout Vibe

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One of the best features of Peloton Digital and the platform of classes on the workout app is that there’s a Peloton instructor for nearly every type of workout vibe and motivational style.

Whether you like a tough trainer who emboldens you to fight through the workout, an encouraging instructor who feeds you positive affirmations to keep you feeling good about yourself, or an enthusiastic leader whose energy is contagious, you can find a Peloton instructor to motivate you to be your best while distracting you from the discomfort of pushing your body to the limits.

However, with so many excellent Peloton instructors to choose from, it can be overwhelming for new Peloton Digital members to find the best Peloton instructors for their preferences.

Who are the best Peloton yoga instructors? Who is the best Peloton instructor for indoor cycling? Which Peloton instructor is the best for strength training workouts?

In this article, we’ll give you the lowdown on the best Peloton instructors for every type of workout.

Log into your Peloton Digital app or turn on your bike and let’s get going!

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Best Peloton Instructor for Marathon Training and Distance Running: Becs Gentry

Becs Gentry is one of the best Peloton running instructors. She exudes unwavering positivity, but not in a shove-it-down-your-throat kind of way. 

Even though Gentry seems superhuman in her own right, she’s so humble and down to earth that she’s also surprisingly relatable, even for the slowest of runners.

We love Gentry’s workouts that are part of Peloton’s marathon training program because they’re not only sound from a training perspective, but she inserts humor and anecdotes that make it feel like you’re running alongside your BFF.

Best Peloton Bike Instructor When You Need to Get Your Head In Gear: Jess Sims

Jess Sims is one of the more well-rounded Peloton instructors, leading everything from Peloton Tread bootcamp classes (on the treadmill) to strength training and outdoor running.

Our favorite thing about Sims as a Peloton trainer is that she really digs into the psychological side of exercise, and always injects information and insight about the mind-body connection, mental strength, and self-empowerment.

Her Peloton Tread Bootcamp classes are particularly grueling, but you always get through them and feel really positive and ready to conquer the rest of your day once you’ve made it to the cool down. The best part is that she pulls you along the entire way so that you don’t feel like you’re fighting a battle of physical and mental wills on your own.

Best Peloton Instructor for Indoor Cycling Rides: Jess King

Jess King is not only one of the founding Peloton instructors, but also one of the fan favorites.

Surprisingly, superstar cycling instructor Jess actually was a complete cycling newbie when she joined the Peloton instructor lineup. In fact, she had never even taken a cycling workout class!

Jess transitioned from a career as a professional dancer, which is probably why Peloton members love her high energy, musicality, and “stage presence,” or the energy she brings to her cycling workouts as if it’s an engaging performance.

Jess is also a certified life coach, and lots of the indoor cycling workouts she leads are peppered with nuggets of wisdom about making small positive changes, believing in yourself, setting goals, and being your own cheerleader.

Somehow, when you’re struggling to get through a workout, and you just can’t fathom keeping up with the cadence she’s yelling out, she swoops in at the exact right moment to deliver a powerful one-liner to motivate you through. 

She’s hands down one of the best Peloton instructors for indoor cycling workouts, especially when you want energy, great music, and positive vibes.

Instructor Jess King is notorious for her “Sweat Steady” rides, which involve long endurance intervals that make you doubt your abilities in the moment but help you feel triumphant after the fact. 

King’s mantra: “We hold the potential and the responsibility to transform lives on and off the bike.”

Best Peloton Instructor for High-Intensity Bike Workouts: Cody Rigsby

Cody Rigsby is one of the most popular Peloton instructors around.

Known for highly energetic and engaging indoor cycling workouts, Rigsby brings the fire and pizzazz with so much charisma that he has even amassed a massive social media following from fans who just can’t get enough.

Although Rigsby’s instructing style is less technical and educational than some Peloton instructors, he more than makes up for it with contagious energy to power you through his high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. 

Cody leads everything from Latin-inspired rides to pop music favorites, and brings the heat and intensity no matter what – so be prepared to sweat!

His signature rides – appropriately called XOXO, Cody – are 30-minute HIIT bike workouts set to pop playlists with life advice and wisdom sprinkled throughout. Cody says he wants his Peloton workouts to have nightclub-like levels of energy. 

Best Peloton Strength Instructor for Functional Training: Adrian Williams

Peloton may be best known for their killer indoor cycling workouts, but even off the Peloton bike, there are tons of excellent classes to choose from, including strength training workouts.

One of the top Peloton strength training instructors is Adrian Williams.

One thing that makes Coach Adrian one of the best Peloton strength instructors is the major emphasis he puts on strengthening your core muscles in every workout. Rather than just focusing on the abs, Williams makes sure that every workout uses the core in a functional and comprehensive way, training the abs, back, hips, and glute muscles to work as a unit to improve athletic and everyday performance and reduce the risk of injuries.

Even strength workouts that focus on the arms, chest, or legs, incorporate cueing and instruction for how to engage your core.

You always feel like you are in good hands and working with someone who truly understands physiology when you take a Peloton strength class with Williams.

Best Peloton Instructor for Peloton Tread Bootcamp Workouts: Selena Samuela

Peloton instructor Selena Samuela earns our vote as the best Peloton Tread Bootcamp instructor. Although there are all sorts of Peloton Tread classes, from HIIT to long runs, the Peloton Tread Bootcamp classes are particularly popular.

Selena is vibrant with charisma, expertise, and energy. She leads running, Tread Bootcamp, and strength classes. 

What we love about Samuela’s workouts – especially the Peloton Tread Bootcamp ones – is that she knows how to get you to tap into your peak potential to really give it your all. 

Her workouts are intense but with rock music and the constant challenge she poses to dig deeper, you’ll unleash your inner fire and impress yourself.

Best Peloton Tread Instructor for Beginners: Andy Speer

If you’re just getting started on your running journey, definitely take a workout class with Andy Speer, our pick for the best Peloton Tread instructor for beginners.

He gives tons of technique points so you can hone your running form, and helps you build strength and stamina along the way.

Best Peloton Instructor for Yoga: Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts, PhD

In addition to vigorous workouts like Peloton Bike, Peloton Tread, strength training, and running classes, you can also slow things down and tap into the mindfulness side of things with Peloton Yoga and meditation classes. 

One of the best Peloton instructors for yoga and meditation workouts is Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts.

With a PhD on her impressive resume, Dr. Roberts is as book smart and knowledgeable about the body and kind as she is life smart and full of powerful wisdom about being your authentic self and living your truth. 

She also seems to have just the right knack for matching the music with the mood to set a tone for the workout that feels relaxing yet empowering.

You always finish one of her yoga flows feeling like you not only worked out kinks and knots in your body, but also hang-ups in your mind as well.

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