Peloton Scenic Rides Explained: How To Find Them + The Complete List (Updated 2022)

With the wide range of high-tech home exercise equipment available these days, the leading competitors have to offer more ways to enhance their products. Many offer some level of interaction, while others make working out more of a game.

With the likes of Zwift, cyclists can ride scenic alpine routes from their own homes – but does Peloton have scenic rides too?

If you love the idea of making your cycling workouts more fun by riding around interesting and stunning places virtually, Peloton scenic rides could be precisely what you are looking for.

In this article, we’ll be covering:

  • What Are Peloton Scenic Rides?
  • How To Find Peloton Scenic Rides
  • What Is So Good About Peloton Scenic Rides?
  • What Could Be Improved About Peloton Scenic Rides?
  • The Full Guided Peloton Scenic Rides List
  • The Complete Time-Based Peloton Scenic Rides Lists
  • Does Peloton Have Scenic Rides Based On Distance? The Complete List

Ready to get into the details of Peloton scenic rides?

Let’s go!

Peloton Scenic Rides: Title Image

What Are Peloton Scenic Rides?

Peloton scenic rides allow you to ride through various locations around the world from the comfort of your own home. You are not limited to just riding around these routes, as the feature also works with Peloton Tread.

There are over 230 different Peloton scenic rides that follow routes through various national parks, major cities, and natural locations.

You follow the routes on screen that provide stunning backdrops to keep you inspired for your workouts.

Icelandic road at sunset, lit up with blazing orange and pink colours against volcanic black cliffs.

How To Find Peloton Scenic Rides

Peloton had a revamp in 2021, and part of the update was to remove scenic rides from the Peloton app. The Peloton website states that the scenic experience is now only available to people who have a Peloton Bike or Tread and pay for the all-access membership.

You can’t search for specific Peloton scenic rides from the touch screen, so you have to scroll through the extensive Peloton scenic rides lists. They don’t feature in the main class library, so you have to go to the “More” tab on the machine’s home screen.

Here, you can select “Just Ride/Run,” which allows you to just ride without coaching.

Alternatively, you can choose “Scenic Rides/Runs”, which is where you can start scrolling through the different rides available.

An Icelandic coastal road, with lush green mixed against volcanic black soil.

What Is So Good About Peloton Scenic Rides?

#1. Variety Keeps Workouts Entertaining

Peloton scenic rides provide variety, which is very important when working out at home. Grinding away on an exercise bike can get boring, but these scenic rides create a more involved experience.

You can tick off all the different locations, whether you prefer the easy-going nature of the timed rides or the challenge of completing the distance rides as fast as possible.

The locations are pretty stunning too, and they give you a chance to get a feeling of what these places would be like if you were ever to visit them.

#2. Quality Production

The audio quality is surprisingly good. When you think about what Peloton had to do to create the scenic rides, they have come up with something that makes a pleasant experience.

For example, they have managed to keep wind noise to a minimum, even on the highest mountain passes.

The production quality is excellent, which includes different filmmaking techniques to keep the rides interesting. Rather than just a single first-person view, Peloton has used drone shots, following shots, and a few other cool angles to keep you entertained and show off the beautiful scenery.

Another aspect of the production quality comes from the dialogue. Rather than just motivational comments, Peloton’s dialogue highlights interesting things about the location you’re riding in.

View down a tarmac road in the Australian Outback.

What Could Be improved About Peloton Scenic Rides?

The Peloton scenic rides are a fantastic way to work out, but there are a few nitpicky things that could be better. However, Peloton will no doubt refine the scenic rides experience over time.

We mentioned the mix of camera angles for each ride, which is excellent; however, you sometimes feel a little removed from the ride. This feeling comes from too many drone shots rather than riding along with someone.

In addition to this, some people may think that there is a little too much voice-over work. Some motivational dialogue feels a bit forced and unnatural, as it doesn’t seem to be recorded in real-time.

Peloton is known for its competition element that stems from leaderboards. Currently, the Peloton scenic rides don’t have this feature, nor does it automatically change the resistance for you.

You will definitely enjoy Peloton scenic rides without these features, but they would take the experience to the next level.

A tarmac road snakes across the rugged Scottish landscape.

Guided Peloton Scenic Rides List

The guided Peloton scenic rides are a great way to stay motivated, as they feature an instructor on screen. The instructors talk you through the workout, just like a spin class. The instructor has also selected the music playlist to put their personal spin on the class and help keep the energy up.

Currently, in 2022, there are five guided Peloton scenic rides with instructors to choose from:

View down a tarmac road through an Oregon forest at sunset.

Time-Based Peloton Scenic Rides Lists

Time-based Peloton scenic rides take you through a choice of locations, and you can ride for a specific amount of time. These rides can last 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

It’s worth noting at this point that time-based Peloton scenic rides are pretty basic. They just have scenery scrolling by at a constant speed, no matter how fast you pedal.

10 Minute Peloton Scenic Rides List

15 Minute Peloton Scenic Rides List

20 Minute Peloton Scenic Rides

30 Minute Peloton Scenic Rides

45 Minute Peloton Scenic Rides

60 Minute Peloton Scenic Rides

A tarmac road snakes through the jagged, Martian landscape of Utah.

Does Peloton Have Scenic Rides Based On Distance?

Yes, Peloton has scenic rides that see you pedaling for a specific distance rather than time. These rides are more immersive than time-based ones, thanks to the “responsive video.” This feature makes the scenery scroll faster when pedaling with a higher cadence or more effort. It will even stop if you stop pedaling, making the experience more realistic.

The great thing about the distance Peloton scenic rides is that you can make a difference in how your ride plays out. For example, you can do your best to beat your previous time.

Currently, you can ride 5 km and 10 km distance Peloton scenic rides across thirteen locations:

Late sunset sky over a tarmac road in Nevada.

Now You Know All About Peloton Scenic Rides…

Peloton scenic rides add an extra dynamic to your home workouts. They are fun to do and keep things varied, and there’s no doubt that they’ll evolve into something pretty special!

Why not give them a try for yourself!

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