3 Unbeatable Peloton Workout Plans

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Peloton offers an extensive library of on-demand and live workouts, including everything from cycling classes and running workouts to strength training and yoga.

However, given the thousands of available options, and limited time and energy to work out, actually deciding how to structure a Peloton workout plan can be difficult.

If you feel overwhelmed by all of the possible workouts to choose from, it can be helpful to learn how to build a Peloton workout plan based on your goals.

In this article, we will discuss how to make a Peloton workout plan based on your fitness level, training preferences, goals, and time availability to exercise.

We’ll be covering:

  • How to Build a Peloton Workout Plan
  • 30 Day Peloton Workout Plan
  • Best Peloton Workout Plan for Weight Loss
  • Best Peloton Workout Plan for Cyclists

Let’s dive in! 

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How to Build a Peloton Workout Plan

When trying to design a Peloton training plan, you’ll want to consider these key factors: 

  • What types of Peloton classes do you want to do? Do you enjoy a variety or do you have a specific niche that you want to focus on in your Peloton training plan?
  • Do you have access to all the necessary equipment? You might need to omit certain classes if you don’t have the gear you need.
  • How often and how much do you want to work out? Your schedule, or time availability, will have a major impact in shaping how to build your Peloton workout plan. Peloton offers classes as short as five minutes and as long as 60 to 90 minutes or more for some of the endurance-based cycling and running workouts.
  • What Is your fitness goal? Your primary fitness goal will be one of the most significant factors that will affect the optimal Peloton training plan.
  • How is your current level of fitness? Are you a beginner who needs to build up gradually with easier workouts, or have you been exercising consistently for a long time and want to work out frequently, longer, and at a higher intensity?

Taking an honest look at your goals, availability, and needs will help steer you towards building the best Peloton workout plan for you.

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3 Unbeatable Peloton Workout Plans

#1. Best 30 Day Peloton Workout Plan for Beginners

A 30 day Peloton workout plan for beginners is a good way to get acclimated to indoor cycling and develop a habit of working out consistently. 

A helpful tip is to try and develop a routine of when you work out. Peloton on-demand workouts are available 24/7, so you can exercise any time that’s best for you.

You’re certainly free to get in your workouts at different times on different days, However, most people find that sticking to a routine is ideal, and that carving out a “sacred” workout time every day helps ensure you’ll get it done without other commitments cropping up.

30 Day Peloton Workout Plan: Week 1

You’ll start with three workouts per week and then progress to four. 

The first ride will be Peloton’s 10-minute Intro Ride to get you used to the bike and how it works. It’s a good first Peloton workout for beginners because it’s short and not as intense as some of the rides you’ll work up to.

Then, do 15-20-minute rides for the other two workouts of Week 1.

Good options include the 15-Minute R&B Ride with Tunde Oyeneyin or a 20-Minute Beginner Ride with Sam Yo or Cody Rigsby.

These beginner rides help you figure out the right form on the bike, and the Peloton instructors give you lots of technique tips to help you feel more comfortable on the bike. 

30 Day Peloton Workout Plan: Week 2

During the second week, aim for three 20-minute rides.

Try to do one intense ride (intervals or Tabata), a 20 minute Low Impact Ride with Tunde Oyeneyin (which keeps you in the saddle most of the time), and a recovery ride such as the 20-Minute Recovery Ride with Emma Lovewell.

30 Day Peloton Workout Plan: Week 3

During the third week, you will do four rides, each lasting 20-30 minutes.

Try the 30-Minute Pick-Me-Up Ride with Hannah Corbin, a 20 min Pop Ride with Cody Rigsby, and any others with music you enjoy. 

30 Day Peloton Workout Plan: Week 4

The fourth week will be four 30-minute rides, but with some more intensity.

You are likely ready for Peloton workouts like the 30-Minute Advanced Beginner Ride with Hannah Corbin, a 30 minute Groove Ride with Emma Lovewell, a 30 minute 90s Pop Ride with Ally Love (or any other ride with music you like), and something like the 30 minute Justin Bieber Ride with Olivia Amato.

The best 30 day Peloton training plans for beginners encourage you to sample classes with different Peloton instructors will help you determine what type of motivational and instructional style you like best.

Alternatively, there are good Peloton training plans for beginners already offered in the Peloton app including the Peloton 21-Day Challenge and the Peloton 10-Week Beginner Program. 

The 21-Day Challenge is three workouts per week that get increasingly more difficult over three weeks, whereas the 10-week Peloton beginner program has two 30-minute sessions per week, for a less vigorous approach.

#2. Best Peloton Workout Plan for Weight Loss

A Peloton workout plan for weight loss should combine cardio and strength training workouts, aiming to exercise at least 4 days a week, and up to 6 days.

If you have a bike, aim to do at least one 30-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout per week, a 45-Minute Tempo Workout, and a 60-Minute Power Workout.

This combination will boost your metabolism, increase strength, build endurance, and develop power and speed while torching a lot of calories.

Try to perform two Peloton strength workouts per week. Any of the total-body workouts would be great.

Building lean body mass will help increase your basal metabolic rate (BMR), allowing you to burn more calories throughout the day.

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#3. Best Peloton Workout Plan for Cyclists

If you’re an avid cyclist, you can train during the off season on your Peloton Bike or indoor trainer.

Depending on your fitness level and time availability, aim for 4-6 workouts per week, and consider supplementing with a Peloton strength program such as Total Strength with Andy Speer.

This is a four-week program consisting of 18 strength training classes, each of which includes warm-ups and then targets different areas of your body. 

In terms of the cycling classes to add to your plan, aim to do at least one HIIT and Hill Ride per week, one Climb Ride, one Tempo Ride, and a Power Zone Endurance Ride.

Good Peloton workouts for cyclists to check out include:

  • 45-minute Tabata Ride with Robin Arzon
  • 45-minute Climb Ride with Matt Wilpers
  • 45-minute Power Zone Endurance Ride with Matt Wilpers
  • 45-minute HIIT and Hills Ride with Hannah Frankson
  • 45-minute HRZ Endurance Ride with Christine D’Ercole (which will help you with heart rate training)

Cyclists with higher levels of fitness can try the 90-minute endurance rides as well. A weekly long ride will keep your aerobic stamina up for longer workouts once the winter thaws.

As much as intensity is important, it’s also important to include recovery rides in your Peloton workout plan.

You can either take any of the classes specifically designated as “Recovery Rides,” or you can try a Low-Impact ride, such as the 45-minute Low Impact Ride with Emma Lovewell.

These rides keep you mostly in the saddle and working with lighter resistance levels.

A cyclist rides her Peloton bike in her flat at sunset.

Now you’ve had the lowdown on Peloton Workout Plans…

Overall, the best Peloton workout plans keep you challenged, engaged, and progressing towards your goals without feeling overwhelmed or overtrained.

Following a Peloton training plan can be an efficient and effective route toward improving your fitness, but it’s always important to listen to your body.

Keep a flexible mindset in case you need to adjust your workout plan if it proves to be too tough, too easy, or not the right fit for one reason or another.

And most importantly – enjoy the ride!

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