Clipless Pedals Vs Flats: Which Is Right For You?

While clipless pedals tend to be the choice of most serious cyclists, especially in road cycling, flat pedals have plenty of advantages too, and shouldn’t be rejected out of hand. When weighing up clipless pedals vs flats, there’s plenty to consider. Clipless pedals provide better pedaling efficiency and keep your foot secure, but flat pedals … Read more

Shimano SPD Vs SPD-SL Pedals: Everything You Need To Know

Whilst there are a variety of different clipless pedal systems used by amateurs and pros alike, Shimano’s SPD and SPD-SL clipless pedals are perhaps the most common versions used by road cyclists and mountain bikers.

In this article, we’ll be comparing Shimano’s SPD vs SPD-SL pedal and cleat systems to help you decipher which is best for your riding.

Essential Guide to Clipless Bike Pedals: How To Use Clipless Pedals, and Why You Need Them

As a professional cyclist, I’ve logged countless miles on the bike and experimented with all the equipment combinations under the sun in the search for the perfect setup.

One thing that’s remained a constant on my bike, however, is clipless bike pedals.

If you’re looking to take your cycling game to the next level, clipless pedals are a very worthwhile investment.