The 40 Funniest And Punniest Bike Names (+ Peloton Bike Names)

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Get ready to pedal your way into a world of two-wheeled whimsy!

Bicycles have always been more than just a mode of transportation; they’re an extension of our personalities and a canvas for our creativity. Today, we’re diving head-first into the quirky and charming universe of funny bike names.

From clever puns that’ll make you chuckle to names that are downright cool, we’ve scoured the streets and the internet to bring you our 40 Funniest and Punniest Bike Names.

Whether you’re a die-hard cyclist or just someone who appreciates a good laugh, you’re in for a treat. These bike names aren’t your run-of-the-mill labels; they’re expressions of riders’ unique personalities and the joy that comes from cruising on two wheels.

So, fasten your helmet, inflate your tires, and join us on a journey through the most imaginative, entertaining, and groan-worthy bike names that’ll have your cycling buddies chuckling!

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Pedal-Perfect Funny Bike Names

There’s something about bikes that invites the punniest wordplays.

Here are some of the best bike puns that are wheelie good:

#1. Bikey McBikeface

This name, with its origins in a particularly hilarious incident of public voting (Boaty McBoatface, anyone?), is an instant ice-breaker.

#2. Karma Rider

For the cyclist who’s into philosophy or perhaps just loves a good pun, this name sure gets the wheel of karma spinning.

#3. Wheely Fast

Apt for the one who leaves everyone else in the dust. It’s straightforward, punny, and a little boastful. Just the right mix!

#4. Chain of Fools

Aretha Franklin fans who also love cycling, unite! A soulful choice for those whose chains are giving them a tough time.

#5. Tour de Farce

Because not everyone’s cycling to win a race. Some are just in for the laughs!

A cyclist laughs as he pauses for a drink on his blue road bike.

#6. Unchain My Heart

A nod to the Ray Charles classic, perfect for cycling romantics who find freedom on the open road.

#7. The Rolling Scone

For those who can’t resist a pun – or a pastry. This one’s for the cycling foodies who pedal hard and snack harder.

#8. Pedal Pusher

A direct pun, but the double entendre adds a hint of fun, making it a cool name for a bike.

#9. Sir Spoke-a-lot

For those who love to talk as much as they love to cycle, this punny name should do the trick.

#10. Spoke Too Soon

Ideal for those who have experienced the all-too-embarrassing situation of celebrating before the finish line!

A cyclist sprints with a blurred background on a black road bike.

The Road Warriors

If you take your cycling seriously, these names will reflect your determination and passion.

#11. The Velocipede Viper

A bike named after the ancestors of modern-day bikes, with a twist of speed and danger.

#12. Rusty Rocket

Because a little rust can’t slow down a true road warrior. Speed doesn’t always come shiny!

#13. Roadie Van Halen

A homage to Eddie Van Halen, perfect for anyone who loves rock n’ roll as much as they love cycling.

#14. Pedalosaurus Rex

Rule the road like the T-rex ruled the Cretaceous period. This bike is not for the faint-hearted.

#15. Ghostrider

An air of mystery surrounds this bike name, apt for cyclists who love a late-night, lone ride.

A cyclist on a turquoise road bike turns a corner during a race.

#16. Sprocket Racer

This one combines speed and a part of the bike in a smooth, cool-sounding name.

#17. Spokes Monster

For those who are fierce on the road, just like a monster.

#18. Highway Hawk

For the one who soars on the road, free and fast.

#19. Piston Fury

An homage to the engine part that fires up cars, perfect for those whose cycling rivals motorized speed.

#20. Velocity Vortex

The bike that blurs the line between speed and style, propelling you through the urban jungle with an exhilarating rush of wind and a dash of cosmic coolness.

A cyclist lifts her bike above her head with a valley lit by a sunset below.

Bike Names for the Adventurous

If you love to venture off the beaten path, these names will reflect your adventurous spirit.

#21. Sir Rides-A-Lot

A noble name for the cyclists who log serious miles on any terrain.

#22. Spokesperson for Adventure

A pun-laden moniker for the off-roaders who love a dose of adrenaline with their rides.

#23. Trail Blazer

Apt for those who carve their path where none exists, a pioneer in the true sense.

#24. Rough Rider

Ideal for those who don’t fear rocks and roots. This bike is ready to take a beating.

#25. Rocky Mountain High

For high-altitude adventurers, this John Denver-inspired name is a top choice.

Two cyclists descend a steep mountain in a rocky, arid landscape.

#26. Wander Spoke

For those who love the thrill of wandering through unexplored trails.

#27. Pedal Pioneer

For the cyclists who are always up for a challenge and a new adventure.

#28. Enduro Explorer

This one’s for the cyclists who embrace endurance, be it on the trail or a mountainside.

#29. Peak Pursuer

For the uphill riders, this name signifies your love for a good challenge and beautiful vistas.

#30. Dirt Drifter

Apt for those who love the feeling of earth beneath their tires and aren’t afraid to get a little muddy.

A woman in a white vest chooses a funny Peloton bike name in her apartment.

Funny Peloton Bike Names

Peloton users form a unique, vibrant community. Here are some names that speak volumes about the Peloton spirit!

#1. Pele-Tony Stark

A blend of Peloton and Tony Stark, for the Marvel lovers who feel invincible on their Peloton.

#2. Spin Diesel

For those who love a good Fast & Furious movie and bring the same intensity to their Peloton workouts.

#3. Peloton de Resistance

This name, laden with puns and French charm, signifies a resistance against laziness and the push towards fitness.

#4. Spinderella

For those who love to pedal to the beat, this name fuses spinning and Cinderella in a musical workout fantasy.

#5. Sweat Machine

It’s simple, clear, and perfectly describes your hard work and dedication.

A cyclist rides a Peloton bike in her apartment at sunset.

#6. Ride of the Valkyries

An inspiring choice, perfect for those who feel invincible during their workouts – and maybe blast a little Wagner while they’re at it.

#7. Pulse Pacer

For the ones who like to keep their pulse racing and the pedals spinning.

#8. Calorie Crusher

A bold name for those who tackle their workouts with intense determination.

#9. Peloton Prowler

For those who prowl the Leaderboard, always striving to improve their personal best.

#10. Workout Wizard

For when that post-workout high feels like you’ve been bewitched!

A cyclist laughs while holding her road bike with a brown concrete wall behind.

Time To Take Your Pick From our Funny Bike Names!

Cycling is more than just a form of exercise or a means of transportation.

It’s a lifestyle, a passion, an adventure. So why shouldn’t your bike have a name that reflects its importance in your life?

From the punniest names to cool, inspired monikers, there’s a bike name out there for every rider and every bike.

And remember, a well-named bike isn’t just an object, it’s a partner on your cycling journey. So get out there, saddle up on your Ghostrider or Rusty Rocket, and hit the road with newfound excitement!

Enjoyed our rundown of funny bike names? Check out more from the BikeTips team below!

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