London Cycle Show 2023: The Highlights

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Cycling is always changing.

It’s an industry that constantly sees a lot of new technology. Going to cycling shows is a great way of seeing what to expect in the future and also to see the direction cycling is going in general. 

We were lucky enough to attend the London Cycle Show this weekend at the Alexandra Place. We had a great time checking out what companies had to offer and also catching up with some of our favorite brands.

In this article, we’ll be sharing some of our highlights of the new bikes and tech on show:

  • The Fast And The Furious Bikes
  • Electrifying Bikes
  • Cycling On Water Is Now A Thing
  • Indoor Cycling, Upgraded!
  • Incredible Guest List
The London Cycle Show entrance sign.

The Fast And The Furious Bikes

When big bike brands head to shows, they always bring the finest they have to offer, and the London Cycle Show didn’t disappoint when it came to performance bikes!

We always question if modern bikes can get any better, but there’s always something new. 

Bianchi Oltre RC

The Bianchi Oltre RC on a stand at the London Cycle Show.

One of our favorite bikes of the show was the Bianchi Oltre RC.

Coming in at around $15,000, it’s not exactly a budget-friendly bike, but it’s a serious piece of engineering. Not only does it look incredible, but aerodynamically it has the ability to channel wind like no other bike. 

With vents on the headtube and even in the handlebars, it looks like it was born and raised in a wind tunnel, but what was really impressive was that at 6.8 kg, it was incredibly light too. It’s one for the dream bike list for sure. 

Fat Creations Cannondale SystemSix

The Fat Creations Cannondale SystemSix at the London Cycle Show.

The next bike that really caught our eyes was the Fat Creations Cannondale SystemSix.

We appreciate this bike isn’t to everyone’s taste, but for us, it was more about the attention to detail and just how outside of the box they were thinking. 

It is an incredible performance bike and is equipped with some high-end components from Hollowgram. It isn’t going to be shy of going fast!

What made it special was how every individual part matched the color scheme, including the saddle. 

Ribble Ultra SL R 125

A Ribble SL R 125 anniversary edition at the London Cycle Show.

Another bike that we really liked was the Ribble Ultra SL R 125.

This is the 125-anniversary edition, and it just looks stunning. When you buy one of these for $12,000, you get a unique marble paint job and accessories to match. 

On a set of the new Mavic Ultimates weighing in at roughly 1240 grams, it was not shy of being incredibly agile. You couldn’t forgive yourself if you dropped it at a cafe though!

Salsa Cutthroat 

A Salsa Cuttroat London Cycle Show on the Salsa Stand.

It wasn’t just the road bikes that were fast at the London Cycle Show. We also had some amazing off-road machines, and my personal favorite was the Salsa Cutthroat.

Salsa is known for excellent off-road bikes, but this was just the next level.

The lightweight carbon fiber frame with a dropped chainstay and equipped with a dropper post gives this bike so much ability.

It doesn’t stop there. Electronic gearing from SRAM, wheels from DT Swiss, and Ortlieb’s bikepacking bags make this even more fun and excellent for bikepacking.

Electrifying Bikes

Electric bikes are a big part of cycling’s future, and the London Bike Show 2023 was not short of them.

Surprisingly there were more electric bike stands than traditional bikes, and there was something for everyone. 

Waldwiesel E

The Waldwiesel E on the Flying Dutchman Stand at the London Cycle Show.

One of the electric bikes that were exciting to hear a lot about was the Waldwiesel E.

This 3D-printed steel bike with a 250W motor. It just had so much character. They have done away with half the seat tube, giving it a simple but stylish finish. 

They are made to order, and the model we looked at had a Lauf fork on the front which is a great way to get suspension on your bike without adding too much weight. It’s a cool way to get around and would make an amazing gravel or adventure bike.

Orro Terra E

The Orro Terra E electric bicycle at the London Cycle Show.

Orro bikes have really proved themselves over the years.

They make a wide range from budget to performance bikes that we believe stand out in a very competitive market. The Terra E is their gravel bike, and although it has been around a while, we couldn’t resist checking out this electric version. 

It looks nothing like an electric bike and doesn’t feel like it weighing in less than 13 kg. It can give you up to 50 miles and even has a range extender option to add another 250 Wh.

It is the perfect machine for light off-roading but also makes a great endurance road bike. 

Electric Cargo Bikes

An electric cargo bike which has been converted for a carpenter or handyperson at the London Cycle Show.

With the aid of batteries and motors, cargo bikes have become a much more useful tool than they ever have been before.

Although they’ve been around for many years, they have never been as useful as they have been in modern times, and many people are choosing them over a car. 

The Flying Dutchman stand was full of cargo bikes that impressed us.

Not only were they incredibly well-designed, they were made with a purpose in mind. There were a few models made for carrying goods, like a courier, and some for taking the kids to school equipped with seatbelts. 

The one that really got us questioning how useful a cargo bike could be is this bike is designed for a carpenter or handyperson.

Loaded with woodwork equipment and a beer crate on the front, it did get us thinking: is this the new normal in cities? Will the electrician be on a bike or in a van in years to come?

Cycling On Water Is Now A Thing

The Manta5 stand at the London Cycle Show.

You might have come across a video of bikes that have the ability to hydrofoil across the water. This was the creation of the team at Manta5.

Originally when we first heard about these, we didn’t know what to think. We are used to seeing giant swan pedalos being cycled on a lake, but not bikes. 

It was great to see one of these machines up close and try and understand if they can be a reality. They make a couple of different models, the XE-1 and the SL3.

This is all very new technology, and from speaking to them, we understood they have had a lot of challenges in creating them.

After much user feedback, the SL3 was made, fixing many issues they had with the original design. Which had its challenges getting it out of the water, and the range was limited.

The SL3 has a powerful electric motor that can run itself, and without any pedaling, you can ride the bike for 45 minutes. If you start helping the motor by pedaling with your energy, you can get as much as 4.5 hours. 

We definitely think these could be a big thing in the future. Not only are people that are going to live by the sea going to benefit, but these will be on the back of super yachts, and we believe there’s a chance there will be a fleet waiting on the hotel beach for you to rent. 

Indoor Cycling, Upgraded!

The Muov stand at the London Cycle Show. The indoor cycle trainers.

When it comes to indoor cycling, we thought Wahoo had it covered with the all-singing and all-dancing Kickr Bike, but it was only a matter of time before someone challenged that position.

We do think there’s room for more companies to get involved and Muov is offering something very interesting.

The Muov is a new indoor cycling system currently in the pre-release stage. What makes this unique is it gives a real bike feel like no other. You are able to lean side to side but to correct it, you have to countersteer like you would on a typical bike. 

You get mountain, road, and even time trial-style bikes to use, which can be swapped over on the same base. So you could buy multiple frames either for different disciplines or even family members if you wanted to. 

You can use their own applications or load up Zwift and stay on a platform you already know. One thing that made it special for us is that it’s incredibly quiet, and nothing comes close to how silent it is.

It’s a very inventive system, and we feel it will offer an interactive experience that others can’t.

Incredible Guest List

The main stage of the London Cycle Show. With Matt Stephens speaking.

We attended the show on Friday and were lucky enough to be entertained by some amazing hosts, such as Matt Stephens, Rebecca Charlton, and Anna Glowinski.

We were lucky enough to cross Matt Stephens before the show to say hello and wish him the best for the day.

This year they have an amazing lineup of professional riders such as Alex Dowsett, Chris Froome, Rachel Atherton, and many more. We really liked that they didn’t just have a main stage but an adventure stage too. 

We not only got to hear about professional racing but also some amazing adventure stories. We were impressed by the London Cycle Show guest list and thought it was all really well presented for the time we were there and a great environment.

Our Thoughts on London Cycle Show 2023

The London Cycle Show 2023 was a great event that was well put together.

It had incredible bikes, many new ideas and technology, and even some amazing guests. The only thing it was missing was some budget bike options.

Cycling should be for everyone, no matter what the budget, and we would have loved to see some brands that focus on beginner cyclists and some inventive lower-budget options. Bikes can be incredibly expensive.

Apart from that, it was an excellent show.

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Robbie has traveled the globe as an endurance athlete and bikepacker, breaking world records and competing in international ultra-cycling events such as the BikingMan series and the Transcontinental Race. He's also worked as an ambassador for some of the industry's leading names, including Shimano and Ritchey. If Robbie's not on a bike, he's either fixing them or out walking with his dog!

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