The 22 Best Bike Memes: Funny Cycling Memes That Every Rider Can Relate To

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Whether you’re a casual rider or a speedy professional, it’s important to let off a bit of steam. As cycling is filled with meme-able moments that we can all relate to, what better way is there to let loose than with some funny bike memes?

Let’s face it, cycling can sometimes feel like a bit of an uphill struggle. But, despite the stern looks we might sometimes have whilst pedaling hard, we can’t deny that it has a funny side, and we can all feel a bit ridiculous on occasion.

Therefore, we’ve decided to compile the 22 best funny cycling memes that all cyclists can relate to. You can probably tell what some of these bike memes are going to be about (hint: puddles, potholes, lycra, and you guessed it… hills!)

Without further ado, here are the 22 best bike memes!

#1. That Gridlocked Traffic Smugness

Overtaking a car: bike meme.
Let’s face it, there’s no other feeling quite like overtaking a car that’s stuck in traffic!

#2. Budgeting Priorities!

Spending all your money on your bike: meme.
Ummm, it’s called self-care… Also, I promise this new red grip tape is really helping me go a lot faster.

#3. The Soggy Cyclist Special

Getting splashed by a car: bike meme.
There’s no other sensation quite like getting an unexpected cold shower of roadside puddle water (especially in the middle of winter).

#4: Say it enough And You’ll Start To Believe It!

I don't hate hills, hills hate me: bike meme.
The eternal struggle of bike vs hill. If they weren’t so hill-like then maybe we’d get along more…

#5: Calling All Riding Romantics

Valentine's Day: bike meme.
A bike ride meme for all those single cyclists out there. Let’s be real, is there anything more romantic than a solo bike ride on a freezing cold February morning?

#6: My Shed, My Rules

Too many bikes: bike meme.
You’re meant to have one of each color, right? It’s not my fault that the bike shed is so small…

#7: Rivalry Of the Road

The only drivers are bad drivers: cycling meme.
Most drivers are great, but there are a few out there that make bike lanes seem like the greatest blessing ever to be bestowed upon cyclists.

#8: The DIY Spine Adjustment

Cyclists versus potholes: bike meme.
Bonus points if you’re on a road bike with super-thin wheels and zero suspension!

#9: Slow And Steady?

Overtaken by a pedestrian: cycling meme.
A cyclist’s worst nightmare.

#10: Fast And Furious

Traffic light drag race: cycling meme.
No matter if you’re a pacifist and hate competition – if you’re waiting at the lights and another cyclist pulls up next to you, you best get ready to rumble.

#11: Insult to Injury

Missing the group ride through injury: bike ride meme.
I guess you’ll have to settle for bike maintenance videos on YouTube instead!

#12: Cycling Rocks!

Rock my world: funny bike meme.
Need we say more?

#13: Better Late Than Never!

Gonna be late, forgot my helmet: cycling meme.
It always seems to happen once you’ve already zoomed out of the front door and you’ve got your feet on the pedals ready to go. You tell yourself it won’t happen again, but it always does…

#14: You’ve Earned it

Post-ride laziness: cycling meme.
You’re absolutely exhausted… but in the best way possible.

#15: Sweet, Sweet Victory

Success: when you get king or queen of the mountain on a Strava segment.
Some might say that the Tour de France is the ultimate goal, others would disagree…

#16: The Dream Team

The partnership of a cyclist and their bike: cycling meme.
It’s a scientific fact that there is no bond stronger than the bond between a cyclist and their bike who have just made it to the top of a big hill.

#17: Guess I’m Just A Faster Cyclist Than Yesterday?

That feeling when you have the wind behind you on a ride: bike meme.
Sometimes, mother nature decides to give you a helping hand, and we’re certainly not complaining, until…

#18: Windy Woes

Cycling into the wind: bike meme.

We’ve all been there. You’re cruising along, not a worry in the world, and everything’s flowing nicely. Then, you turn around to cycle home, and you realize you’ve had the wind behind you the whole time.

#19: About Time!

When you finally reach the downhill section: bike meme.
It felt like the uphill would last forever, but that makes it all the more worthwhile when the surface finally levels out and the downhill section begins (combine with bike ride meme #17 for superspeed).

#20: The Cyclist’s Kind Of Self-Care

When you finally get around to servicing your bike: cycling meme.
Ohhh ok, so I guess it wasn’t meant to be making that metallic grinding sound every time I changed gear.

#21: Catch them on The Descent…

Pro cyclist overtake: bike meme.
I think he’s faster because he’s wearing more lycra than me. Yes, that must be it.

#22: Soggy Commute Feels

What do you mean you don't let bikes on the subway? (Cycling meme).
Yes, I know that a bike can’t fit down an escalator. Yes, I’m aware it’s rush hour. Yes, I’m aware I live 5 minutes away.

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