Folding Bead Vs Wire Bead Bike Tires: What’s The Difference?

Growing up close to the birthplace of the inventor of the pneumatic tire, John Boyd Dunlop, has lent me a special interest in tire technology. They may not be the most glamorous component, but tires are the unsung heroes of the bike. That thin piece of rubber and friction is all that stands between you … Read more

How To Install Tubeless Tires in 5 Steps

Tubeless tires are a fantastic solution for preventing punctures and improving your riding experience. First popularized for mountain bikes, they’re now very common for gravel and road bikes too, as cyclists realize the benefits of the lower pressures and increased puncture protection offered by tubeless tires. They have very few drawbacks, but what puts many … Read more

What Size Inner Tube Do I Need For My Bike? [With Bike Inner Tube Size Chart]

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to replacing the inner tube is finding the correct size. As someone who has spent years working in a bike shop, I am very used to hearing, “What size inner tube do I need for my bike?” 

If only we had the bike inner tube size chart beforehand. Well, in this article, we are going to be telling you everything you need to know.

Gravel Bike Tire Pressure Explained: The Essential Info

Gravel bikes are fairly new to cycling compared to other disciplines. It’s like they came out of nowhere about five years ago, only to be everywhere now.

We get some excellent questions about gravel bikes, but one that always comes up is: “What’s the best gravel bike tire pressure?”