What Is A Bike Computer – And Do You Need One?

Few technological advances have revolutionized elite cycling like the bike computer.

Bike computers – also known as “head units” – are small devices that attach to your stem or handlebars that calculate and display a range of information about your ride, such as speed, cadence, power, distance, elevation profiles, and GPS navigational information.

How To Import GPX To Google Maps (And Export Google Maps To GPX)

In my career as an ultra-endurance cyclist, I’ve used Google Maps extensively to plan the quickest and most efficient route from A to B on roads and trails that are appropriate for cycling, saving me valuable time and energy along the way.

However, in order to make full use of these features for cyclists, it’s essential to understand how to export or import GPX to Google Maps.

How To Connect Garmin To Peloton in 6 Steps

Although Peloton provides direct integration for you to export your workout data to Strava and FitBit, if you want to connect Garmin to Peloton or any other platform, the process is a bit more complicated.

In this guide, we will provide easy instructions for how to connect Garmin to Peloton, and how you can export Peloton workouts to Garman connect and other platforms other than Strava.