Luke Prowse

Luke Prowse

Experienced Cycling and Travel Writer

Born and raised in London, Luke is a passionate writer with a focus on travel, sports, and most importantly, cycling.

In his spare time, Luke is an avid chess player, cyclist, and record collector. He also has experience with addiction, and so sponsors multiple people from different walks of life in their recovery programs.

Luke’s latest articles:

How Long Is A Triathlon? Triathlon Distances Guide: Title Image

How Long Is A Triathlon? Ultimate Guide To Key Triathlon Distances

With the popularity of the sport growing year-on-year, we’re finding we’re constantly being asked: “Just how long is a triathlon?” However, not all triathlons were made equal. There are a variety of triathlon distances that cater to athletes of all levels.

How To Shift Gears On A Bike: Title Image

How To Shift Gears On A Bike

Approaching a steep incline, you instinctively reach for the bike’s gears, knowing what to shift to to accommodate climbing a hill. But if you’re a beginner, you might be wondering how to shift gears on a bike. Not just in terms of the physical act of gear shifting on a bicycle, but why you should do it, when you should do it, and how to fully understand the mechanics of gear shifting on a bike.

A blue cruiser bike sits on the grass with the words, "What is a cruiser bike" in the foreground.

What Is A Cruiser Bike? Everything You Need To Know

Caught yourself wondering, “What is a cruiser bike?” While they may not be built for off-roading, stunts, or long stretches of pavement, cruiser bikes are perfect for people who want a comfortable way to get around, whether for fun or getting from point A to point B.

Perfecting Your Pain Cave: Title Image

Perfecting Your Pain Cave: 4 Essential Steps To Build An Unbeatable Indoor Cycling Bunker

Cycling indoors in a dedicated space known as a “pain cave” is a fantastic way to elevate your cycling to the next level.

Cyclist Legs Vs Runners Legs: Title Image

Cyclist Legs Vs Runners Legs: What To Expect As You Train

Cyclists and runners are often regarded as some of the fittest athletes on the planet, thanks to their incredible endurance and muscle strength. However, despite the overlaps in endurance, cyclist legs vs runners legs are very different, with the two sports requiring distinctive training and injury prevention.

eBike Classes Explained: Title Image

e-Bike Classes Explained: Complete Guide To Types of Electric Bikes

Trying out an electric bike, also known as an eBike, for the first time can be a thrilling experience. This is because an eBike can unlock a whole treasure trove of new cycling opportunities due to its speed and power. However, to choose an eBike that works for you, you need to understand the variety of types of electric bikes, and the 3 main eBike classes that differentiate them.

Mens Vs Womens Bikes: Title Image

What’s The Difference Between Mens And Womens Bikes? Mens Vs Womens Bikes Explained

Generally, the differences between mens vs womens bikes are muddied by marketing, and whether the advert indicates one gender or the other holds little importance over whether the bike would ergonomically accommodate your body type. Today, women’s bikes offer the same level of performance and components as comparable men’s models, leading some to question the necessity of gendered bikes. 

What Is MIPS Helmet Protection: Title Image

What Is MIPS Helmet Protection – And Should You Be Using It?

Whether you’re anything from a road cyclist to a mountain biker, you know that staying safe on the road is absolutely crucial. One term you might’ve heard regarding cycling safety is “MIPS” – but what is MIPS helmet protection? The likelihood is, you’ve seen MIPS as an included technology advertised across familiar brands online or in-store, usually with a yellow symbol on the helmet.