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David Lavery

Features Writer at BikeTips

David rediscovered his love of two wheels and Lycra on an epic yet rainy multi-day cycle across Scotland’s Western Isles. The experience led him to write a book about the adventure, “The Pull of the Bike”, and David hasn’t looked back since.

Something of an expert in balancing cycling and running with family life, David can usually be found battling the North Sea winds and rolling hills of Aberdeenshire, but sometimes gets to experience cycling without leg warmers in the mountains of Europe.

David mistakenly thought that his background in aero-mechanical engineering would give him access to marginal gains. Instead, it gave him an inflated and dangerous sense of being able to fix things on the bike.

David’s latest articles:

A man cycles a road bike on gravel with hedges in the background.

Can You Ride A Road Bike On Gravel?

It is easy to see why growing ranks of self-confessed roadies are dipping their toes into the world of gravel riding. If you are one of these curious road cyclists then this article is for you. We will be looking at using a road bike on gravel and how, with a little fine-tuning, you can turn a road bike into a gravel-facing machine.

My bike in front of the Monument at Petrova Gora.

Exploring Croatia by Bike: David’s Top Tips

Croatia is still something of an uncut gem when it comes to cycling. What it …

Child on a wooden balance bike in a grassy field.

How To Teach A Child To Ride A Bike in 5 Easy Steps

Teaching a child how to ride a bike is a huge milestone in their development, …

Robbie learns how to ride a bike as an adult on a tarmac road.

Learn How To Ride A Bike As An Adult: The Unbeatable Method

Our mission at BikeTips is to get more and more people out on bikes. We …

Professional cyclist Wout van Aert on a road bike.

How Much Better Is A Professional Cyclist Than An Amateur? The Key Stats Explained

Let’s be real – we’ve all thought about it, especially on an especially good day …

Best Cycling Podcasts

The 5 Best Cycling Podcasts for 2024

Road cycling as we know it today was born from a need to create heroic …

Cannondale road bike on a pink background.

Cannondale Vs Trek: Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to choosing a new bike or just one to add to your ever-growing collection, it can be hard to decide between all the different bike manufacturers. To help you out, in this article, we take a look at Cannondale vs Trek bikes to see how these two giants of the bike industry stack up against each other.

A cyclist removing the battery of her electric bike.

How Much Does An Electric Bike Cost?

An electric bike can cost anywhere from $600 to $10,000, depending on the quality of the bike and other factors, with most within the bracket of $1500 to $4000. However, there’s a lot more worth understanding than that – so in this article, I’ll be walking you through the different factors that affect the cost of electric bikes, and what features and build quality you can expect from electric bikes in different price brackets.

A man on a cargo bike, which often have higher eBike weight limits than other bikes.

Do Electric Bikes Have Weight Limits? And How To Choose An eBike For Heavy Riders

Typically, eBike weight limits are between roughly 220 to 300 pounds (100 to 136 kg). You can normally find the weight limit for a specific model on the manufacturer website – but there’s a bit more to unpack when it comes the electric bike weight limits than that. In this article, we’ll be covering how to find eBike weight limits, what happens if you exceed them, and give you some tips on how to choose an electric bike for heavier riders.

Legendary stunt cyclist Danny MacAskill wheelies on a wall in California.

6 Brilliant Bike Tricks To Progress Your Riding

If your climbing prowess or trail-taming skills don’t seem to impress your riding buddies, then maybe it’s time to start adding some bike tricks to your cycling repertoire. Whilst some of these tricks are just for showing off, most of them are also extremely useful and excellent tools to have in your cycling arsenal for both road and mountain biking, and I make use of them myself all the time.

Graphic showing a white bike helmet on a textured yellow background.

Do Bike Helmets Expire?

Unfortunately, there’s no quick answer as to whether bike helmets expire due to time alone. The impact of normal wear and tear means a helmet that’s been used regularly will age very differently from one kept in storage, so there’s plenty more to understand as to when a bike helmet “expires”, and how often you should replace one.

Shimano SPD Vs SPD-SL Pedals: Title Image

Shimano SPD Vs SPD-SL Pedals: Everything You Need To Know

Whilst there are a variety of different clipless pedal systems used by amateurs and pros alike, Shimano’s SPD and SPD-SL clipless pedals are perhaps the most common versions used by road cyclists and mountain bikers. In this article, we’ll be comparing Shimano’s SPD vs SPD-SL pedal and cleat systems to help you decipher which is best for your riding.

Chain Vs Belt-Drive Electric Bikes: Title Image

Chain Vs Belt-Drive Electric Bikes: Are Belt-Drive eBikes Better?

Belt drives are becoming increasingly popular for bicycles as technology improves, and belt-drive electric bikes are particularly well-suited to take advantage of the design’s unique characteristics. If you are thinking about joining the ranks of electric bike riders, in this article, we will take a look at the different transmission systems and whether belt-drive electric bikes are superior to the traditional chain-drive system.

A cyclists cycles on a lightweight road bike with the words "how much does a bike weigh?" in the foreground.

How Much Does A Bike Weigh? Average Bike Weights Explained – And Why They Matter

Anyone who has ever ridden a bike uphill will know the importance of weight. But just how much does a bike weigh? The weight of a bike varies massively depending on its style, purpose, and quality. High-end racing bikes can hit the UCI’s minimum weight limit of 6.8 kg (15 lbs) or even less, while beefy downhill mountain bikes can weigh as much as 20 kg (44 lbs). This answer isn’t very satisfying for any budding “weight-weeny” cyclists out there, however, and there’s a whole lot more vital information to know about average bike weights when you scratch beyond the surface.

A white bottle of cream and a blue background with the words chamois cream explained in the foreground.

Chamois Cream Explained (And How To Use Chamy Cream)

Cycling has never been short of unsung heroes. On this occasion, though, it’s not a devoted domestique we’re talking about. Instead, it’s that most unglamorous of cycling life-savers: chamois cream. Whether you’re a seasoned saddle warrior or just getting your feet wet in the world of two-wheeled adventures, we’re here to reveal the secrets of this nectar for your nether regions.

How To Cancel Peloton Subscription: Title Image

How To Cancel Your Peloton Subscription: Quick And Easy Guide

There’s no denying that Peloton has revolutionized the way we work out. However, life sometimes takes unexpected turns, and your fitness goals or circumstances may change. If you feel it’s time to make a change to your exercise regime, knowing how to cancel your Peloton subscription quickly and easily is a life-saver.

Types of Bicycles Explained: Title Image

Types Of Bicycles Explained: The Ultimate Guide

With so many options available, choosing the right type of bicycle can be a daunting task. Cycling is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s a lifestyle, a sport, and a means of adventure. If you’re new to the world of cycling or looking to expand your knowledge about all the diverse types of bicycles on offer, then you’ve come to the right place!

Cycling At Desks: Do Under Desk Bikes Work? (Title Image)

Cycling At Desks: Do Under Desk Bikes Work?

We all know that sitting at a desk for eight hours a day, pouring over yet another spreadsheet, is not at all how it was meant to be. Our bodies have evolved across millions of years and countless iterations to move and keep on moving. The office is the opposite of this, but step forward the growing phenomenon of cycling at desks!

6 Steps For Cyclists Who've Fallen Off Bikes: Title Image

6 Vital Steps for Cyclists Who’ve Fallen Off Bikes

In this article, we examine the 6 vital steps for cyclists who’ve fallen off bikes, from taking care of the immediate situation to dealing with the longer-term issues that can make getting back out on the roads daunting.

Man wearing blue top and black shorts cycles uphill with the words "What Is A Strava KOM?" in the foreground.

What Is A Strava KOM – And How Can You Beat Them?

When Strava was first released way back in 2009, few cyclists could have imagined just how ubiquitous it would become in the community. One of its unique features that really stood out amongst cyclists was the Strava KOM/QOM feature.

A tarmac road on the Tour de france has blurred cyclists cycling along it with the title "Infamous Tour de France crashes."

The 6 Most Infamous Tour de France Crashes Of the 21st Century

Though debate is raging over potential additional safety measures that could be introduced, the fact remains that danger is an inherent part of cycling. As this list will explore, many of the most infamous moments in the modern history of the Tour de France come from these shocking moments.

Tour de France Commentators: Title Image

Tour de France Commentators 2023: Channel-By-Channel, Nation-By-Nation

It is almost that time of the year where we surrender three weeks of our lives to plonk ourselves in front of the TV and let the Tour de France wash over us. Helping us through these three weeks is a Phalanx of Tour de France commentators. They guide us through the race, explain the team tactics, and shower us with knowledge of France, its history, and its mountains.

Tour de France Bikes 2023: Title Image

Tour de France Bikes 2023: Who Is Riding What, And How Much Does A Tour de France Bike Cost?

There are some people who watch the Tour de France simply to let to let the French countryside pour over them for three weeks. And there are those who tune into the most famous bike race just to gaze longingly at the Tour de France bikes. The Tour de France is by far the biggest cycling race in the calendar, one that transcends this niche sport, and the biggest bike and component manufacturers want their equipment in lights.

What Is A Road Bike?: Title Image

What Is A Road Bike? 7 Key Types Of Road Bikes Explained

It used to be so easy. A road bike went on the road and a mountain bike was for anything that wasn’t a road. In the modern cycling world, though, it can be difficult to answer the simple question: What is a road bike?

Most Dramatic Finishes in Tour de France History: Title Image

Winner Takes All: The 5 Most Dramatic Finishes in Tour de France History

Even after three weeks of racing and a few thousand kilometers in the legs, sprinkled with some of the most vertiginous climbs known to man, the Tour de France can be settled by just a handful of seconds. With the Tour de France 2023 just coming into view, let’s take a look at the 5 most dramatic finishes in Tour de France history.

Bicycle Insurance Buyer's Guide: Title Image

Bicycle Insurance Buyer’s Guide: 4 Key Points To Look For

Recent years have seen the growth of specialist bicycle insurance companies with policies that aim to bridge this gap and provide coverage that meets the needs of cyclists.

Bikes With Solid Tires: Title Image

Airless Bike Tires: Are Bikes With Solid Tires The Future?

It is dark, wet, and cold as you try to pry a deflated tire off …

Watts Per Kg: Title Image

Watts Per Kg For Cyclists Explained (With W/kg Calculator)

It might not fit our romantic ideal of cycling, of man against machine and mountain, but it is an undeniable truth that numbers win bike races. And no number is more sacred, more enshrined in cycling folklore, than the power-to-weight ratio.  Typically measured in Watts per kg (W/kg), it is a measure of the power a cyclist can generate relative to their body weight.