Vuelta a España Bikes 2023: Bikes and Equipment for Every Team

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The humble bicycle has undergone a rapid and extensive evolution over the years, from the clunky and somewhat dangerous penny-farthing in the 1870s to the sleek, high-tech marvels used by professional cyclists in today’s world tours.

The evolution of bicycle technology has been a journey of innovation, performance enhancement, and the quest for the ultimate ride.

Watching the Vuelta a España will undoubtedly reward viewers with the rich and rugged spectacle of the Spanish countryside. From barren deserts to lush green mountains, it has it all.

Nevertheless, we’ll also be keeping an eye on the cutting-edge technology that glistens on the elite world tour machines of today. The Grand Tours bring major viewership, and as a result, the bike manufacturers want to display their very best work.

In this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the bikes and components used by the Vuelta a España 2023 teams.

We’ll delve into the sea of lightweight carbon frames, electronic groupsets, and deep-rim wheels, shining some light on what each pro team uses.

The trickle-down economics of bike technology can serve as a beacon of hope for each of us. Although we might never get to ride a Pinarello Dogma, we can expect the huge investment in technology to eventually reach a more reasonable market rate.

Luckily for us, the UCI demands that any product used during a professional race must be available to buy nine months later. However, the prices will usually bring a tear to your eye.

Let’s dive into the bikes in the Vuelta a España!

Vuelta a España Bikes 2023: Title Image
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Features of a World Tour bike

To make sense of the grandeur of bicycles that the pros use, it can be helpful to break it down into sections.

Let’s look at:

  • Frames
  • Components
  • Wheels


Nowadays, carbon fiber has become the predominant material for crafting frames and forks, marking a departure from the era of steel, aluminum, and titanium.

Carbon fiber boasts qualities of lightness and stiffness, albeit at a premium cost.

In the current era, professional cyclists predominantly opt for off-the-shelf frames of the same sizes available for purchase by the general public. This shift underscores a notable standardization within the sport.


Similar to previous editions of Vuelta a España, Shimano continues to dominate the drivetrain preferences of the teams, while a collection of teams, including Jumbo-Visma, Movistar, Lidl-Trek, and AG2R-Citroën, opt for SRAM and Campagnolo.

Team Burgos BH has bucked the trend of the big three component manufacturers, opting for the FSA K-Force electronic groupset.

There is a growing frequency of riders using single chainrings in races during flatter stages. However, there is a distinct lack of flat stages during this year’s Vuelta a España!

2x setups will dominate the race, especially during the mountain stages.

Primož Roglič demonstrated that a single chainring paired with a wide-range cassette could prove to be a winning formula; during the Giro d’Italia, he swapped to 1x gravel bike groupset mid-stage.

Electronic shifting systems have become a standard feature as well. While there may be a handful of riders who still favor the tactile experience of mechanical gears, the vast majority of the peloton has embraced electronic groupsets.

Professional cyclists wield formidable power, enabling them to handle gear ratios that might leave you cringing. The classic 53/39t chainset remains a common choice.


Tubeless has taken over, effectively displacing the once-favored tubular tires among professional teams.

So, why have professional cyclists opted for tubeless tires over the more traditional alternative?

The reliability of tubeless systems reduces the likelihood of requiring an urgent wheel change during critical race moments.

Sealant within the tire aids in managing punctures, although it’s important to note that, unlike tubular tires, you cannot ride on a flat tubeless tire until you reach the finish line or until the team car provides a replacement wheel.

Tubular tires offer a safer option in case of a flat tire, as they are less prone to separating from the rim compared to clincher tires.

The trend towards wider tires is also noteworthy, with 28mm tires increasingly supplanting the previously popular 25mm choice, even on the Tour’s generally well-maintained roads.

In this evolving landscape, it’s intriguing to observe that the Astana-Qazaqstan team remains riding tubular tires. However, that looks to be changing.

A Ridley bike at tho Tour de France, identical to the one that will be used at the Vuelta a España 2023.
© A.S.O./Charly Lopez

How Much Does A Vuelta a España Bike Cost?

The bikes that grace our television screens really are the best of the best, and as such, you won’t be shocked to learn that they don’t come cheap.

The cost of bikes for Vuelta a España 2023 varies from team to team.

At the lower end, you have team Intermarché-Circus-Wanty coming in at roughly $8500 for their Litening road bike, with the Lidl-Trek Trek Madone coming in at a whopping $18500.

Generally, most professional teams race bikes that are worth between $12,000 and $16,000 (USD).

I proudly ride a bike that is worth more than my car, but my car really isn’t worth that much – certainly nowhere near the prices of professional bikes!

Julian Alaphilippe rides an S-Works road bike in a black studio.
© A.S.O./Pauline Ballet

Which Bikes And Equipment Is Each Team Using?

UCI WorldTeams

  • AG2R Citroën Team: BMC
  • Alpecin–Deceuninck: Canyon
  • Arkéa–Samsic: Bianchi
  • Astana Qazaqstan Team: Wilier Triestina
  • Bora–Hansgrohe: Specialized
  • Cofidis: Look
  • EF Education–EasyPost: Cannondale
  • Groupama–FDJ: Lapierre
  • Ineos Grenadiers: Pinarello
  • Intermarché–Circus–Wanty: Cube
  • Lidl–Trek – Trek
  • Movistar Team: Canyon
  • Soudal–Quick-Step: Specialized
  • Team Bahrain Victorious: Merida
  • Team DSM–Firmenich: Scott
  • Team Jayco–AlUla: Giant
  • Team Jumbo–Visma: Cervélo
  • UAE Team Emirates: Colnago

UCI ProTeams

  • Burgos BH: BH
  • Caja Rural–Seguros RGA: MMR
  • Lotto–Dstny: Ridley
  • Team TotalEnergies: Specialized

Below we’ve listed the frames and components used by each team at the Vuelta a España 2023 in alphabetical order:

AG2R Citroën Team

  • Frame Manufacturer: BMC
  • Components Manufacturer: Campagnolo
  • Road Bike Frame: BMC Teammachine SLR01/BMC Timemachine Road 01
  • Time Trial Bike: BMC Timemachine

For the consecutive third year, the French World Tour squad continues its partnership with BMC Bikes.

Among the teams competing, AG2R Citroën Team stands as the sole bearer of the revered Campagnolo groupset, while the majority of other teams opt for the Shimano Dura-Ace setups.


  • Frame Manufacturer: Canyon
  • Components Manufacturer: Shimano
  • Road Bike Frame: Canyon Aeroad/Canyon Ultimate
  • Time Trial Bike: Canyon Speedmax TT

Similar to 2022, the primary bike used is the Canyon Aeroad which suits the powerful nature of the team.

However, at last year’s La Vuelta, Jay Vine won mountain stages on the new Canyon Ultimate.

Astana Qazaqstan Team

  • Frame Manufacturer: Wilier Triestina
  • Components Manufacturer: Shimano
  • Road Bike Frame: Wilier Triestina Filante SLR/Wilier Triestina Filante Zero SLR
  • Time Trial Bike: Wilier Triestina SLR TT


  • Frame Manufacturer: Merida
  • Components Manufacturer: Shimano
  • Road Bike Frame: Merida Reacto/Merida Scultura
  • Time Trial Bike: Merida Time Warp TT


  • Frame Manufacturer: Specialized
  • Components Manufacturer: Shimano
  • Road Bike Frame: Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL7/Specialized Roubaix
  • Time Trial Bike: Specialized Shiv TT

Bora-Hansgrohe is one of three WorldTour teams riding Specialized bikes, alongside Soudal Quick-Step and TotalEnergies.

Burgos BH

  • Frame Manufacturer: BH
  • Components Manufacturer: FSA
  • Road Bike Frame: BH Ultralight
  • Time Trial Bike: BH Aero TT

As indicated by its co-sponsorship affiliation, the Burgos-BH team competes aboard BH road frames, showcasing a strong partnership between the team and the brand.

The team has at its disposal three distinct BH bike models, each tailored for specific racing conditions. The Aerolight model proves its mettle in fast-paced stages and undulating terrains, while the Ultralight shines during challenging mountain stages.

For the crucial Time-Trial stages, the team turns to the BH Aero TT model, optimized for aerodynamic performance.

For those unfamiliar with BH, it’s a renowned Spanish bicycle manufacturer that gained widespread acclaim across Europe during the 1980s, particularly for its contributions to the BMX scene.

The Burgos-BH team’s choice of bicycles presents a compelling narrative, notably due to their unique integration of the FSA K-Force WE 11-speed electronic groupset.

It’s a rare sight in professional cycling, where the dominant trio of Shimano, Campagnolo, and SRAM usually take precedence.

Caja Rural–Seguros RGA

  • Frame Manufacturer: MMR
  • Components Manufacturer: Shimano
  • Road Bike Frame: MMR Adrenaline SL 30
  • Time Trial Bike: MMR Blade


  • Frame Manufacturer: Look
  • Components Manufacturer: Shimano
  • Road Bike Frame: Look 795 Blade RS
  • Time Trial Bike: Look 796 Monoblade RS

EF Education-EasyPost

  • Frame Manufacturer: Cannondale
  • Components Manufacturer: Shimano
  • Road Bike Frame: Cannondale SuperSix EVO/Cannondale SystemSix
  • Time Trial Bike: Cannondale SuperSlice TT

EF Pro Cycling will continue to ride for Cannondale. The Cannondale Super Six EVO stands as a veritable icon, ranking among the favored bicycles in the World Tour due to its renowned attributes of lightweight construction and exceptional agility.


  • Frame Manufacturer: Lapierre
  • Components Manufacturer: Shimano
  • Road Bike Frame: Lapierre Xelius SL3/Lapierre Aircode DRS
  • Time Trial Bike: Lapierre Aérostorm DRS

Groupama-FDJ continues to ride on the French brand Lapierre, as they have done since 2002.

INEOS Grenadiers

  • Frame Manufacturer: Pinarello
  • Components Manufacturer: Shimano
  • Road Bike Frame: Pinarello Dogma F12
  • Time Trial Bike: Pinarello Bolide F TT

It is no accident that the team with the largest budget gets to ride the most expensive bike in the race, the Pinarello Bolide F TT.


  • Frame Manufacturer: Cube
  • Components Manufacturer: Shimano
  • Road Bike Frame: Cube Litening Aero C:68X Pro
  • Time Trial Bike: Cube Aerium TT


  • Frame Manufacturer: Cervélo
  • Components Manufacturer: SRAM
  • Road Bike Frame: Cervélo R5 Disc/S5/Caledonia
  • Time Trial Bike: Cervélo P5 TT

The Dutch team switched to Cervélo bikes back in 2021 and has had raging success since, winning their second Tour de France in 2023 with Jonas Vingegaard.

Movistar Team

  • Frame Manufacturer: Canyon
  • Components Manufacturer: SRAM
  • Road Bike Frame: Aeroad CFR
  • Time Trial Bike: Speedmax CF SLX

Soudal-Quick Step

  • Frame Manufacturer: Specialized
  • Components Manufacturer: Shimano
  • Road Bike Frame: Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL7/Specialized Roubaix
  • Time Trial Bike: Specialized Shiv TT

The Soudal-Quick-Step team is riding the same bikes as the Team TotalEnergies and Bora-Hansgrohe team.

Team Arkéa Samsic

  • Frame Manufacturer: Bianchi
  • Components Manufacturer: Shimano
  • Road Bike Frame: Bianchi Specialissima/Bianchi Oltre RC
  • Time Trial Bike: Bianchi Aquila TT

Team Jayco AlUla

  • Frame Manufacturer: Giant
  • Components Manufacturer: Shimano
  • Road Bike Frame: Giant Propel Advanced Disc/TCR Advanced SL Disc
  • Time Trial Bike: Giant Trinity Advanced Pro TT

Team DSM-Firmenich

  • Frame Manufacturer: SCOTT
  • Components Manufacturer: Shimano
  • Road Bike Frame: SCOTT Foil RC
  • Time Trial Bike: SCOTT Plasma RC TT


  • Frame Manufacturer: Trek
  • Components Manufacturer: SRAM
  • Road Bike Frame: Trek Madone SLR/Émonda SLR/Domane
  • Time Trial Bike: Speed Concept (TT)

UAE Team Emirates

  • Frame Manufacturer: Colnago
  • Components Manufacturer: Shimano
  • Road Bike Frame: Colnago V4Rs
  • Time Trial Bike: Colnago TT

Lotto Dstny

  • Frame Manufacturer: Ridley
  • Components Manufacturer: Shimano
  • Road Bike Frame: Noah FAST/Helium
  • Time Trial Bike: Dean Fast TT


  • Frame Manufacturer: Specialized
  • Components Manufacturer: Shimano
  • Road Bike Frame: Tarmac SL7/Roubaix
  • Time Trial Bike: Shiv TT Disc
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