How To Adjust Rim Brakes in 6 Steps [With Video Guide]

Knowing how to adjust rim brakes is essential for both performance and safety.

Though disc brakes may be the stopping power of choice for the majority of high-end bikes these days, most bikes out on the road are still likely to be fitted with rim brakes – so learning to adjust them is still invaluable for cyclists.

What Are Sintered Brake Pads? Organic Vs Sintered Brake Pads Explained

If you’ve got disc brakes on your bike, then you’ll need to make an important decision as to which type of brake pad you wish to use: organic vs sintered brake pads.

But what are sintered brake pads? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of sintered brake pads when compared to organic brake pads?

How To Replace Disc Brake Pads On A Bike In 7 Steps [With Pictures]

A big part of becoming an experienced cyclist is learning to look after your bike properly. Having your bike in tip-top condition not only extends the lifetime of its components but also gives you much better performance. One part of the bike you’ll want to pay very close attention to is your brakes.  Learning how … Read more