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Robbie Ferri

Senior Bike Maintenance Writer at BikeTips

Robbie has traveled the globe as an endurance athlete, challenging world records and competing in international ultra-cycling events such as the BikingMan series and the Transcontinental Race.

He’s also worked as an ambassador for some of the industry’s leading names, including Shimano and Ritchey. If Robbie’s not on a bike, he’s either fixing them or out walking with his dog.

You can also check out Robbie’s BikeTips Maintenance Guides on YouTube.

Robbie’s latest articles:

Diagram showing Q Factor and Crank Q Factor on a bike.

What Is Q Factor, And Is It Important For Your Bike?

In cycling, Q Factor is the distance between the outer sides of the two crank …

Tire clearance on a bike pictured at the front fork.

What Is Tire Clearance On A Bike – And How Much Do You Need To Leave?

One of the most satisfying aspects of cycling is being able to equip and customize …

Robbie Ferri demonstrates what to wear cycling in summer.

What To Wear Cycling: An All-Seasons Guide

When I first started cycling, I was told, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, …

How To Replace A Shift Cable On A Bike: Title Image

How To Replace a Shift Cable on a Bike in 7 Steps [With Video Guide]

A big part of being a cyclist is looking after your bike. If you treat …

My bike on a beach in Oman at the end of my bikepacking route.

How To Train For A Long-Distance Bikepacking Trip Like A Pro

There’s something incredibly special about riding long distances. It might be the endorphins your body …

Bike Wheel Size Chart With 750d Wheel Size

750d Wheel Size For Gravel Bikes Explained: What’s The Benefit of Going Even Bigger?

Cycling technology is always advancing and companies continue to reinvent the bike to make it …

Photo of an internal gear hub on a bike on a blue background.

Internal Gear Hubs For Bikes Explained: Everything You Need To Know

Searching for a smoother and low-maintenance cycling experience? Internal gear hubs might be your answer. …

Women's Road Bike Size Chart

Women’s Road Bike Sizes Explained [With Women’s Road Bike Size Chart]

Embarking on the journey of finding the perfect road bike is an exciting venture for …

Bolt-on bike axle on a road bike.

Bike Axle Types & Standards Explained

When it comes to bikes, there are a lot of components to learn about. What …

Clipless Pedals Vs Flats on a light blue background.

Clipless Pedals Vs Flats: Which Is Right For You?

While clipless pedals tend to be the choice of most serious cyclists, especially in road …

An enduro rider demonstrates the gear needed for enduro mountain bike racing.

What Is Enduro Mountain Biking? A Beginner’s Guide To Enduro Racing

A thrilling blend of technical descents, challenging climbs, and adrenaline-fueled competition, enduro mountain biking has …

Parts of a bike wheel showing the wheel's hub.

All Parts Of A Bike Wheel Explained

All the parts of a bike wheel play a vital role in overall performance and …

How to assemble a bike, showing an assembled grey road bike next to a bike box.

How To Assemble A Bike in 6 Steps

Years ago, the typical way of buying a bike was to go into a store, …

Vertical bike dropout and derailleur hanger on my mountain bike.

Bike Dropouts & Fork Ends Explained: Everything You Need To Know

Bike dropouts and fork ends are vital parts found on a bicycle’s frame and fork, …

microSHIFT Vs Shimano rear derailleurs compared on a light green background.

microSHIFT Vs Shimano: Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to cycling groupset manufacturers, the “Big Three” you generally come across are …

A cyclist riding on the beach.

10 Top Tips for Biking On The Beach

Only very few cyclists get to try biking on the beach. It’s a huge amount …

Demonstration photo showing how to install tubeless tires

How To Install Tubeless Tires in 5 Steps

Tubeless tires are a fantastic solution for preventing punctures and improving your riding experience. First …

Shimano bike chain on a road bike.

How Much Should You Spend On A Bike Chain? Cheap Vs Expensive Chains Explained

The humble bike chain is among the components cyclists are likely to replace most often. …

A Garmin bike-on roller on an orange background.

Bicycle Rollers Explained: How To Ride Your Bike On Rollers + The Pros & Cons

Indoor training has exploded in popularity in the past decade. Among the array of bicycle …

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Is A Gravel Bike The Ultimate Commuter Bike?

When it comes to commuting, you have many different bikes to choose from. You can …

An SPD-SL cleat on the bottom of a cycling shoe.

How To Install And Adjust Cleats on Cycling Shoes in 6 Steps [With Pictures]

When it comes to cycling, one of the biggest upgrades you can make is investing …

Close-up of my road bike, ready to demonstrate how to adjust handlebar height.

How To Choose Road Bike Handlebars: Explained By A Bike Fitter

The drop handlebars of a road bike are more than just a place to grip; …

Measuring tape on a blue background.

How To Measure Inseam For Bikes: Explained By A Pro Bike Fitter

As a professional bike fitter, I know all too well that in the world of …

Close-up of my road bike, ready to demonstrate how to adjust handlebar height.

How To Adjust Handlebar Height On A Bike [With Pictures]

As a professional bike fitter, I know all too well how important optimizing your handlebar …

What is a spin class? Three women on exercise bikes work out at a gym against a green background.

What Is A Spin Class? Types and Benefits, Explained By An Instructor

My first experience of a spin class was going with my sister, who was a …

Measuring the wheelbase on a classic road bike.

How To Measure A Bike Frame

In cycling, optimal performance and comfort hinges on the perfect bike fit. As a seasoned professional bike fitter, I’m very familiar with the crucial process of how to measure a bike frame – often overlooked in favor of generic manufacturer sizes. Beyond the enticing allure of sleek designs, understanding the intricacies of frame dimensions unlocks a personalized cycling experience.

Exercise Bike Vs Treadmill: Title Graphic on red background

Exercise Bike Vs Treadmill: Which Offers The Better Cardio Workout?

The benefits of the exercise bike vs treadmill is one of the most common questions I get as a personal trainer. These staples of the gym offer distinct advantages, and it all depends on your preferences and fitness objectives. Whether you prefer the pedaling rhythm or the classic treadmill jog, each has its pros and cons.

Photo demonstrating how to hang a bike on the wall in an apartment.

How To Hang A Bike On The Wall: 6 Best Methods

One of the golden rules among cyclists is “N+1”: however many bikes you own, the …

Measuring crank arm length on a road bike.

What’s The Best Crank Arm Length For Cycling – And Why Yours Are Probably Too Long

As a professional bike fitter, I’ve regularly had clients who pay a huge amount of attention to getting their riding position dialed in – but when it comes to the crank arm length, they shrug and are happy just to stick with their bike’s factory-fitted cranks or blindly follower a manufacturer’s chart. This is a mistake.

A photo of me during a winter cycling training ride.

How To Maintain Your Cycling Fitness Over Winter: Winter Cycling Training Guide

Winter is a tough time for many cyclists. The days get cold, the nights get longer, and motivation is often low. In my racing career as an ultra-endurance cyclist and from my experience working as a personal trainer to cyclists, I’ve seen firsthand the benefits of a well-thought-out winter training regime.

Inner Tube Size Chart

What Size Inner Tube Do I Need For My Bike? [With Bike Inner Tube Size Chart]

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to replacing the inner tube is finding the correct size. As someone who has spent years working in a bike shop, I am very used to hearing, “What size inner tube do I need for my bike?”  If only we had the bike inner tube size chart beforehand. Well, in this article, we are going to be telling you everything you need to know.

Air bike on an orange background.

The 5 Key Types Of Exercise Bikes For Indoor Cycling Explained

As an expert indoor cycling instructor and personal trainer to cyclists, I have used a lot of different indoor bikes, and they each come with advantages and disadvantages. Some are excellent for dynamic sessions, others can aid rehab and recovery, and some are just very comfortable to ride. In this article, I am going to be telling you everything you need to know about different types of exercise bikes.

Bikepacking with panniers vs bikepacking bags in England and Chile.

Bikepacking With Panniers Vs Bikepacking Bags: Which Should You Choose?

As a professional endurance cyclist with a vast amount of bikepacking experience, I’m often asked: “Which is the better for bikepacking storage – panniers vs bikepacking bags?” In this article, I’ll be sharing my views and experience on whether you’re better off opting for panniers or dedicated bikepacking bags for your next bike touring trip.

A white winter road bike next to an icy lake.

What To Look For In A Winter Road Bike: 6 Key Factors

Navigating icy terrain and challenging weather demands a winter road bike tailored to withstand the season’s rigours. In this guide, we unravel the essential factors to consider when choosing your winter bike. From tire grip and inexpensive components to durability and comfort, we delve into six key elements that can make or break your cold-weather cycling experience.

View of the front of my bike during a speed wobble.

Speed Wobble Explained: What Causes Speed Wobble, And How Can You Stop It?

Speed wobble is something that I’ve unfortunately experienced multiple times in my bike racing career – and while I’ve been lucky in that it’s never caused a serious accident, it has certainly knocked my confidence when descending at speed during the races in which it happened. Down the years, I’ve picked up plenty of knowledge both on the triggers of speed wobble and how to avoid and react to it – and today I want to share that experience with you to help you descend safely.

How To Repair or Replace a Bent Derailleur Hanger: Title Image

How To Fix or Replace a Bent Derailleur Hanger in 6 Steps [With Video Guide]

A broken or bent derailleur hanger is a much more common bike maintenance issue than you might think. As an experienced bike mechanic, I have had to fix many, and always recommend carrying a spare. In this article, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know when it comes to fixing and replacing derailleur hangers.

A photo of me during a winter cycling training ride.

12 Key Benefits of Cycling to Boost Your Brain, Body, and Soul

I was a relative latecomer to cycling, only getting into the sport around a decade ago when I was in my twenties, but I was an immediate convert to the physical and mental health benefits of cycling. Don’t just take my word for it though – there are a ton of benefits of cycling backed up by expert advice, and the experience of thousands of other cyclists like me. From cardiovascular fitness to mental clarity, cycling has been proven to be a huge bonus for overall well-being.

Mountain Bike Size Chart

How To Choose The Right Mountain Bike Size (With Mountain Bike Size Chart)

As a qualified bike fitter who also happens to be an experienced mountain biker, I’m here to help you with the first and most important step in choosing your MTB: finding the right mountain bike size for you.

Diagram showing a cracked head tube on a silver bike.

Cracked Head Tube: Is It Safe To Ride, And Can It Be Fixed?

Even if you take great care of your bike, unforeseen issues can arise – and a cracked head tube is a concern that demands immediate attention. In this article, we’ll be covering the causes of head tube cracks, why the frame material is relevant, the potential dangers of riding a bike with a cracked head tube, and possible fixes that can be made to a cracked head tube (as well as questioning whether that’s really a good idea at all!).

A photo of me during a winter cycling training ride.

Winter Cycling Clothes: What To Wear, and How To Choose The Right Gear for Biking in Winter

Many of us have the best intentions of committing to riding our bikes year-round – but when the winter cold sets in, it’s easy to lose the motivation to get out and ride. In my hard-earned experience, the key to success in conquering the cold on your bike is the right winter cycling clothes.

Graphic comparing a Road Bike Vs Hybrid Bike

Road Bikes Vs Hybrid Bikes Explained: What’s The Difference?

There’s one question I’ve been asked more than any other by beginner cyclists in my experience as a bike mechanic: “What’s the difference between road bikes vs hybrid bikes?”

Cyclist with helmet and yellow jersey

How Should A Bike Helmet Fit? Helmet Sizes Explained [With Bike Helmet Size Chart]

No piece of cycling protective equipment is more important than the humble bike helmet. Most cyclists know very well the importance of quality when it comes to buying a bike helmet – but fewer seem to understand how vital it is to get the right helmet size and fit too.

A bucket filled with ingredients and equipment for homemade degreasers.

Homemade Degreasers: 5 Best DIY Degreasers For Bikes

Whether I was mid-race and hundreds of miles from the nearest bike shop, I ran out of degreaser at a time-critical moment, or it was simply a Sunday and the shops were closed, there has been any number of reasons I’ve needed a homemade degreaser. Now, I want to share the lessons I’ve learned along the way with you!

My bike on a beach in Oman at the end of my bikepacking route.

How To Plan A Bikepacking Route: The Expert Guide

Through my own bikepacking and ultra-cycling experience, which has seen me race the BikingMan series, the Transcontinental Race, and even (briefly) hold the world record for most countries cycled through in a week, I’ve learned my fair share of bikepacking route planning tips and tricks. Now, I want to pass that hard-won knowledge on to other bikepackers just starting out!

my shoes and mountain bike pedals

Mountain Biking For Beginners: 14 Top Tips I Wish I’d Known When I Started!

Though I’m now a very experienced mountain biker, when I first started, I made a ton of mistakes and had to learn a lot the hard way. There are so many things I wish I had known or had someone tell me. In this article, I’ll be sharing my top mountain biking tips for beginners. Here’s the trail knowledge you need!

Graphic showing Dura-Ace vs Ultegra cranksets side-by-side.

Shimano Dura-Ace Vs Ultegra: Is The Upgrade Worth It?

In many ways, the gap between Shimano’s Dura-Ace vs Ultegra groupsets is narrower than it’s ever been. But with a price gap of over $1000, that leaves many riders looking at high-end groupsets wondering: What’s the real difference between Dura-Ace vs Ultegra – and is the upgrade worth it?

A triathlon bike with cycling shoes pre-clipped in.

Ultimate Triathlon Gear List: What You’ll Need And How To Get It Right

Given the amount of equipment involved, there’s no denying that nailing a triathlon requires preparation and planning. To give you a head start, we’ve compiled our complete triathlon gear list, detailing the essentials you’ll need for each leg of the race with extra tips on how to choose wisely based on our own triathlon experiences.

What Is A Freehub? (Title Image)

What Is A Freehub? (And Freehub Standards Explained)

The bicycle freehub is the mechanism that allows the rear wheel to turn freely when the pedals are not being engaged. Located in the hub of the rear wheel, the freehub is what allows you to “coast” on a bike, meaning the wheels can keep turning while the pedals remain still.

My Lynskey road bike leans on a road barrier on the Jebel Shams climb in the BikingMan Oman race.

My BikingMan Oman Race Diary: Ultra Cycling in the Arabian Desert

In the heart of the Arabian Peninsula lies Oman, a land of mesmerizing beauty, rugged terrain – and an unexpected cyclist’s haven. Racing BikingMan Oman in its first edition back was one of the true highlights of my cycling life. Not only was it an intense physical challenge, but it was also one of the most unique places I have ever ridden a bike.

Essential Triathlon Checklist: Title Image

The Essential Triathlon Checklist: Get It Right On Race Day

In my experience of racing triathlons and ultra-endurance cycling races, I’ve learned the hard way how frustrating and problematic it can be to arrive at the start line only to realize you’re missing a key bit of gear. To prevent this from happening, I’m presenting to you my Essential Triathlon Checklist. This is so you can get it perfect on every race day, no matter how much is going on or how nervous you may be.

DIY Bike Restoration: Title Image

DIY Bike Restoration: Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide [With Video]

After a certain amount of time, bikes need a little more than a quick fix. At this point, many people consider doing a DIY bike restoration. Although it might sound like a daunting task, it’s actually a huge amount of fun and much simpler than you might think.

Triathlon for Beginners: Title Image

Triathlon For Beginners: What Is A Triathlon, And What Do You Need To Know To Get Started?

Triathlon for beginners can be a difficult task, and there’s a lot to learn. You might have experience in all different sports, but there’s a bit more to triathlon than you might think. There are a lot of easy mistakes to make, but with the right know-how, you can easily become a strong triathlete in no time.

Hybrid Bike Tire Pressure: Title Image

Hybrid Bike Tire Pressure Explained: The Essential Info

Tire pressure is a major factor in both your cycling performance and comfort. As a professional endurance cyclist competing in races across the globe, as well as a qualified bike fitter and mechanic, I’ve spent countless hours experimenting with bike setups and optimizing hybrid bike tire pressures, and I want to share that experience with you.

How To Import GPX To Google Maps (And Export Google Maps To GPX): Title Image

How To Import GPX To Google Maps (And Export Google Maps To GPX)

In my career as an ultra-endurance cyclist, I’ve used Google Maps extensively to plan the quickest and most efficient route from A to B on roads and trails that are appropriate for cycling, saving me valuable time and energy along the way. However, in order to make full use of these features for cyclists, it’s essential to understand how to export or import GPX to Google Maps.

How To Ship A Bike: Title Image

How To Ship A Bike in 5 Steps [With Video Guide]

In my career as an endurance cyclist, I’ve competed in races all across the world, everywhere from South America to the Transcontinental Race, as well as buying and selling bikes internationally. Although it’s something many cyclists avoid, learning how to ship a bike properly comes with many advantages and is a great skill to learn, which will improve your experience as a cyclist.

Slammed Stems: Genius or Idiotic? (Title Image)

Slamming Stems on Bikes: Genius or Idiotic?

Slammed stems are something I’m often asked about in my work as a professional bike fitter, and have also experimented with in my setups as a competitive ultra-endurance cyclist. In this guide, we’ll cover the pros and cons of a slammed stem, and share my expert advice on whether or not it’s something you should adopt for your bike setup.

Overall road bike fitting chart, containing frame size, seat height, frame reach, stack height, crank length, and handlebar width.

Bike Fitting Charts: Everything You Need To Optimize Your Comfort and Performance

As a qualified bike fitter and very experienced long-distance cyclist, I can say with authority that one of the most crucial factors in any rider’s cycling experience is the correct bike fit. In this article, we will give you all the information you need to give yourself a rough bike fit, complete with bike fitting charts.

How To Fix Squeaky Bike Brakes: Title Image

How To Fix Squeaky Bike Brakes in 6 Steps [With Video Guide]

A common problem many cyclists face is squeaky bike brakes, which can be incredibly annoying – and sometimes even dangerous. As an experienced bike mechanic with years of experience, I’m often asked why brakes squeak, and there are a number of possible causes.

Disc Brakes Rubbing? How To Fix Disc Brake Rub in 5 Steps (Title Image)

Disc Brakes Rubbing: How To Fix Disc Brake Rub in 5 Steps [With Video Guide]

Getting frustrated by that annoying noise of your disc brakes rubbing against the rotor while you’re cycling? In this article, we’ll guide you through a quick and easy five-step process to eliminate disc brake rub and ensure a smooth, noise-free ride.

Ultimate Bikepacking Setup Guide: Title Image

Ultimate Bikepacking Setup Guide [With Video]

Cyclists are exploring like never before, and the options for bikepacking races are plentiful. However, perfecting your bikepacking setup is something that requires a combination of knowledge, experience, and trial and error. As a bikepacking expert with a ton of epic trips, elite races, and even a (former) world record under my belt, I’m here to help you fast-forward your bikepacking setup journey!

Gravel Bike Tire Pressure: Title Image

Gravel Bike Tire Pressure Explained: The Essential Info

Gravel bikes are fairly new to cycling compared to other disciplines. It’s like they came out of nowhere about five years ago, only to be everywhere now. We get some excellent questions about gravel bikes, but one that always comes up is: “What’s the best gravel bike tire pressure?”

How To Clean A CamelBak Bladder: Title Image

How To Clean A CamelBak Bladder in 5 Steps [With Video]

CamelBak bladders are an amazing way to stay hydrated and conveniently sit inside a small rucksack, or they can even go in your bikepacking bags. However, if you don’t know how to clean a CamelBak bladder, you can end up drinking unclean, foul-tasting water – and could even make yourself unwell.

Road Bike Tire Pressure Explained: Title Image

Road Bike Tire Pressure Explained: The Essential Info

Tire pressure has become a big subject amongst cyclists in the past few years. Some say tire pressure doesn’t make that much difference…

What's My Bike Worth? How To Value A Bike: Title Image

What’s My Bike Worth? How To Value A Used Bike

One of the questions we get asked all the time here at BikeTips is: “What’s my bike worth?” Understanding how to value a bike is an essential step in selling one – and in buying a new one.

Centerlock Vs 6 Bolt Rotors: Title Image

Centerlock Vs 6 Bolt Rotors: Everything You Need To Know

As a bike mechanic, I get asked many questions about cycling components, but one that comes up often when it comes to modern disc brakes is centerlock vs 6 bolt rotors. These disc brake setups both work excellently but are very different.

Balance Bike Vs Training Wheels: Title Image

Balance Bike Vs Training Wheels: What’s The Best Way To Teach Kids To Ride A Bike?

The balance bike vs training wheels debate is a hot topic amongst parents these days when discussing how to teach kids to ride a bike. My parents taught me on training wheels, but many people currently recommend using a balance bike instead as it can teach the skills of cycling much better, giving the rider better ability sooner and building confidence quicker.

A mountain biker wearing a blue top on a red mountain bike rides down a trail. With the words SRAM NX Vs GX in the foreground.

SRAM NX Vs GX: Everything You Need To Know

In this article, we’re going to be telling you what you need to know about SRAM NX vs GX so you know exactly what you’re getting when investing in these excellent groupsets.

Butterfly Bars: Should You Be Using Trekking Handlebars for Bikepacking? (Title Image)

Butterfly Bars: Should You Be Using Trekking Handlebars for Bikepacking?

We get asked some great questions by our amazing subscribers, and one that comes up all the time is: “Should I use butterfly bars for bikepacking?” In my experience both as a casual bikepacker and racing in international endurance events, there are many advantages and disadvantages when it comes to butterfly bars and bikepacking.

Cleaning A Cassette: Title Image

How To Clean A Bike Cassette In 6 Steps: Ultimate Guide to Cleaning A Cassette [With Video Guide]

One job that many cyclists neglect but is a great skill to learn is cleaning a cassette. Keeping a clean cassette comes with a lot of benefits, and it doesn’t take long to do. Although it might look challenging when you know what you’re doing, it’s a very simple and easy process.

How To Use A Bike Pump: Title Image

How To Use A Bike Pump: Hand Pumps and Track Pumps [With Video Guide]

The single bike maintenance skill you’ll use most often is knowing how to use a bike pump. Pumping up your bike tires is a task you are going to be doing all the time. It might be to get the optimum PSI, or you might get a puncture on the road and need to get the air back in the tube.

How To Get Bike Grease Out Of Clothes: Title Image

How To Get Bike Grease Out Of Clothes In 5 Steps

As a bike mechanic and avid cyclist, I have lost so many items of clothing to bike grease. Eventually, I realised knowing how to get bike grease out of clothes should be an essential skill for cyclists – and one I needed to learn quickly!

How To Remove Presta Valve Cores: Title Image

How To Remove Presta Valve Cores [With Video Guide]

One of the key benefits of the Presta valve over other varieties is that it is serviceable, and you can completely remove the core. Learning how to remove Presta valve cores comes in handy when it comes to bike maintenance and comes with many benefits.

Bike Gears Slipping: Title Image

Bike Gears Slipping? Why Chains Slip On Bicycles – and How To Fix It

Any bike ride can be ruined pretty quickly if your bike doesn’t work properly, and one of the most annoying problems is your gears slipping. Not only does it not feel awful, but gears slipping on bicycles can also be pretty dangerous if you are putting a lot of power down. It’s not an efficient way to ride a bike and can play havoc on your components.

A road bike size chart showing typical measurements for road bike frame sizes as described by manufacturers.

How To Choose The Correct Bike Size: Road Bike Edition [With Video Guide]

Road cycling is a lot of fun, and ripping up the tarmac is a great …

New Chain Clicking Noise: Title Image

Why Is My New Bike Chain Making A Clicking Noise? 6 Possible Causes of New Chain Clicking Noises [With Video Guide]

There are many reasons why new bike chains can make a clicking sound, and it’s even something an experienced bike mechanic will face at times. A new chain clicking noise is not ideal, and shouldn’t be ignored.

How Long Do Bike Tires Last: Title Image

How Long Do Bike Tires Last? And How Do You Know When To Change Them?

We’re often asked at BikeTips: “How long do bike tires last? And how do you know when to change them?” Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, this is a vital bit of knowledge to learn and understand.

10 Essential Bike Hand Signals: Title Image

10 Essential Bike Hand Signals Every Cyclist Should Know [With Pictures]

The road can be a tough place to communicate with others, and because of this, cyclists have bike hand signals. When riding with other cyclists or road users, letting them know what you are doing is vital to everyone working in sync.

What Is Bike Fitting? (And The 6 Essential Benefits of a Bike Fit): Title Image

What Is Bike Fitting? (And The 6 Essential Benefits of a Bike Fit)

When I first started cycling, one bit of advice I always got was to get a bike fit. I was told going through the bike fitting process would completely change my cycling.  Many people disagree with this and feel a bike fitting isn’t always necessary. Interestingly enough, many professionals in the pro peloton openly admit to not having a bike fit and not feeling the need to.  It leaves a lot of cyclists asking the question: do you really need a bike fit?

Komoot Vs AllTrails Vs Gaia GPS: Title Image

Komoot Vs AllTrails Vs Gaia GPS: Which Ride Tracking App Is Best?

Tracking your ride has a huge amount of benefits, and a question we often get asked by our amazing readers is: Which ride-tracking app is best? In this article, we are putting three of the most popular applications toe to toe, with Komoot vs AllTrails vs Gaia GPS.

Road Bike Vs Mountain Bike: Title Image

Road Bike Vs Mountain Bike: 9 Key Differences Explained

Bikes come in all shapes and sizes, and that’s partly what makes cycling such a special sport. There’s a bike for every occasion, whether you are on tarmac, dusty roads, sand, or even a forest path. However, for newer cyclists, this begs the question: What are the differences between a road bike vs mountain bike?

Biking Off Road: Title Image

Biking Off Road: Ultimate Guide To Getting Started As A Beginner

Biking off road is a huge amount of fun. Going out into nature off the beaten track to explore is a feeling like no other. In recent years many new riders have started riding dirt but struggle because they don’t know where to start. For off-road riding, you have a whole different set of bikes and lots of new components you might not have come across on bikes designed for the road or the track.

How To Remove A Bike Wheel: Title Image

How To Remove A Bike Wheel – And Install It Again [With Video Guide]

If you’re new to cycling, you are about to go on an exciting journey – not just on your bike, but also learning about it and how it works. A vital skill for new cyclists is learning how to remove a bike wheel, and how to install it again. It’s a task you’ll find yourself doing again and again, as it’s a necessary step in a wide range of other maintenance jobs such as changing an inner tube.

How To Adjust V Brakes: Title Image

How To Adjust V Brakes In 5 Steps [With Video Guide]

Knowing how to adjust V brakes is essential for both performance and safety. Though disc brakes may be the go-to for mountain bikes (and many road bikes) these days, the humble V brake is still very common on budget and older bikes. Many purists still love them for their simplicity, stopping power, and huge tire clearance.

How To Adjust Bike Brakes: Title Image

How To Adjust Bike Brakes: Ultimate Guide To The 4 Key Types [With Videos]

Learning how to adjust bike brakes is an essential skill for every cyclist. In this guide, we’ll be walking you through how to adjust the four most common types of bike brakes: hydraulic disc brakes, mechanical disc brakes, side-pull caliper rim brakes, and V brakes.

How To True A Bike Wheel: Title Image

How To True A Bike Wheel In 5 Steps [With Video Guide]

Learning how to true a bike wheel might not be top of the list for key maintenance skills newbie cyclists need to nail, but for riders wanting to keep their ride in tip-top condition it’s a process worth mastering. The art of truing a wheel can come across as very complicated, but actually, it’s a very simple process.

DIY Mountain Bike Tune Up: Title Image

DIY Mountain Bike Tune Up: 7 Key Steps [With Video Guide]

With spring well and truly upon us, we’re all itching to get the mountain bike out of the shed and hit the trails. And that means one job has risen straight to the top of our maintenance to-do list: a mountain bike tune up.

How To Adjust Bike Disc Brakes: Title Image

How To Adjust Bike Disc Brakes: Hydraulic and Mechanical [With Video Guide]

If you look after your bike, it will look after you. This is what a very experienced cyclist said to me when I first started riding, and I couldn’t agree more after decades on the bike.  With their increasing popularity, it’s more important than ever to learn how to adjust bike disc brakes – both hydraulic and mechanical.

How To Adjust Rim Brakes (Caliper Brakes): Title Image

How To Adjust Rim Brakes in 6 Steps [With Video Guide]

Knowing how to adjust rim brakes is essential for both performance and safety. Though disc brakes may be the stopping power of choice for the majority of high-end bikes these days, most bikes out on the road are still likely to be fitted with rim brakes – so learning to adjust them is still invaluable for cyclists.

How To Change A Bike Tire: Title Image

How To Change A Bike Tire In 5 Easy Steps [With Video Guide]

Learning how to change a bike tire is an essential skill every new cyclist should learn. Functioning tires in good condition are essential for both safety and performance. Whether your tires are worn out, damaged, or you’re just upgrading for a performance boost, knowing how to change a bike tire is a skill you won’t pedal far without.

How To Adjust Bike Seat Height: Title Image

Saddle Height Calculator: Proper Bike Seat Height and Position Explained [With Video Guide]

Setting the proper bike seat height is essential for performance, comfort, and injury prevention. As a bike fitter, it’s one of the most important measurements we focus on and influences many other elements of the fit, such as reach. If you have your saddle in the wrong place, it can play havoc on your knees. You’ll also be making your legs work harder than they need to with an inefficient pedal stroke.

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London Cycle Show 2023: The Highlights

Going to cycling shows is a great way of seeing what to expect in the future and also to see the direction cycling is going in general.  We were lucky enough to attend the London Cycle Show this weekend at the Alexandra Place.

How To Patch A Bike Tire: Title Image

How To Patch A Bike Tire In 5 Simple Steps [With Video Guide]

Patches may seem like old technology in cycling, and not many cyclists carry them anymore – which is a big mistake! Learning how to patch a bike tire is an essential skill every cyclist should learn that will save you money, reduce waste, and get you out of sticky situations on rides time after time.

How To Lube Bike Chains: Title Image

How To Lube Bike Chains In 4 Easy Steps: Essential Guide [With Video Guide]

There’s nothing worse than a noisy bike when you’re trying to ride. One of the common culprits of noise is a chain without lubrication, so it’s no surprise that a common request we have from new cyclists is a guide on how to lube bike chains.

Front Derailleur Adjustment Guide: Title Image

How To Adjust Front Derailleurs In 6 Steps: Ultimate Guide To Front Derailleur Adjustment [With Video Guide]

One job that many cyclists struggle to get right is front derailleur adjustment. Typically it is set up when you buy a bike, and rarely after do you find yourself having to mess with it. There will be a time when learning this skill will come in handy though. 

How To Inflate Presta Valves: Title Image

How To Inflate Presta Valves In 5 Easy Steps [With Video Guide]

Learning how to inflate Presta valves is one of those beginner bike maintenance jobs that are incredibly simple once you know how to do it – but you still need to be shown the first time! It’s also one of the most important bike maintenance tasks to get nailed down, as it’s the one you’re likely to find yourself performing most often.

How To Clean A Bike Properly (Title Image)

How To Clean A Bike Properly In 8 Easy Steps [With Video Guide]

A big part of cycling is looking after your bike. If you keep on top of cleaning your bike, you can expect some amazing benefits and even save money in the long run. Learning how to clean a bike is an essential for cyclists.

How To Install A Rear Derailleur: Title Image

How To Adjust or Install A Rear Derailleur In 10 Steps [With Video Guide]

Oftentimes, working on your bike can be just as satisfying as riding it. A question often asked by our readers and watchers is, “How do you install a rear derailleur?”

Bottom Bracket Removal: Title Image

Bottom Bracket Removal Explained: How-To Guide in 5 Steps [With Video Guide]

When you’re riding along, and every pedal stroke sounds like a rusty gate hinge, it can really take the enjoyment out of a ride. A bike’s pedaling should be silent, secure, and silky smooth. Pedaling that’s noisy, stiff, or wobbly is an indicator that bottom bracket removal might need to move to the top of your bike maintenance to-do list.

Bike Headset Types: Title Image

Ultimate Bike Headset Types Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Bikes are made up of many different parts that come in all shapes and sizes. This makes each bike unique and gives it certain advantages and disadvantages, but can create countless compatibility headaches. What many cyclists find tricky to understand is the bike headset types. Every bike has a headset. Without one, you wouldn’t be able to steer!

Bike Crank Removal: Title Image

Bike Crank Removal Explained: How-To Guide in 7 Steps [With Video]

When it comes to cycling, you can benefit so much from knowing how to work …

Gearing on a Mountain Bike: Title Image

Gearing On A Mountain Bike: Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to gearing on a mountain bike, knowing your stuff goes a long way. You can really take the fun out of a good bike ride by having to jump off the bike and walk up a hill. What could be even more frustrating is having your friends fly past you on the way down while your gears are spinning out.

How To Remove Rust From A Bike: Title Image

How To Remove Rust From A Bike In 5 Steps [With Video Guide]

It’s not unusual for bikes to develop a rust problem. You might be restoring an old bike, or even working on a bike that is fairly modern and come across some rust, so it’s essential to know how to remove rust from a bike.

Can You Use WD40 On Bike Chains: Titile Image

How To Use WD40 On Bike Chains [With Video Guide]

WD40 is invaluable to cyclists. It has a number of uses, but one question crops up time after time in cycling circles: Can you use WD40 on bike chains?

MTB Handlebar Width Explained: Title Image

MTB Handlebar Width Explained: The Essential Guide

Mountain biking is a huge amount of fun. Hitting the trails to challenge your fitness and skill is a thrill like no other. Mountain biking requires a huge amount of control, and the handlebars play a big part in helping you stay upright. With this in mind, it’s important to understand MTB handlebar width.

How To Replace Rim Brake Pads: Title Image

How To Replace Rim Brake Pads On A Bike In 7 Steps [With Pictures]

When it comes to cycling, brakes are obviously one of the most vital components. If your brakes aren’t in order, you’re not going to have an enjoyable – or safe – ride. The majority of beginner and intermediate bikes are still fitted with rim brakes, so it’s essential to learn how to replace rim brake pads.

How To Replace Disc Brake Pads: Title Image

How To Replace Disc Brake Pads On A Bike In 7 Steps [With Pictures]

A big part of becoming an experienced cyclist is learning to look after your bike …

How To Clean A Bike Chain: Title Image

How To Clean A Bike Chain In 5 Steps [With Pictures]

Bike maintenance is a big part of cycling. Learning how to work on and maintain your bike is very satisfying and can save you money and time. A job we highly recommend learning is how to clean a bike chain.  A clean chain goes a long way when it comes to cycling, but many riders don’t actually know how to clean their chain properly.

Ultimate Guide To Bike Rim Width (With Rim Width Tire Size Chart): Title Image

Ultimate Guide To Bike Rim Width [With Rim Width Tire Size Charts]

It can often be confusing when attempting to pair the right tires with your bike rims. A bike rim width tire size chart can make your life much easier! Cycling has changed a lot in the past few decades. With the arrival of new disciplines, we are seeing new technology and new sizing.

How To Choose The Perfect Mountain Bike For You: Title Image

How To Choose The Perfect Mountain Bike For You

Mountain biking is huge fun and a great way to enjoy nature. One thing that sets mountain bikes apart from other cycling disciplines – especially for beginners looking to get started – is that they come in many different shapes and sizes. Picking the right mountain bike for you is challenging. This article will tell you exactly what you need to think about to find the perfect mountain bike for the riding you want to do.

How To Replace A Bike Brake Cable: Title Image

How To Replace A Bike Brake Cable In 5 Steps [With Pictures]

Cycling is great fun, and little else can beat a good day out on the bike. When you’re a cyclist, it is always good to learn how to fix your own bike. One of the most worthwhile jobs to learn is how to replace a bike brake cable. Having your brakes working properly is vital. Although many people think it’s a complicated process, it’s a very easy job that doesn’t take long.

10 Benefits of Bikepacking: Title Image

The 10 Most Underrated Benefits of Bikepacking

I’ve bikepacked all over the world in incredible places such as Taiwan, Peru, and Oman. It not only taught me some great life lessons, but it came with many benefits you wouldn’t expect. In this article, I want to tell you all about the underrated benefits of bikepacking.

10 Essential Bike Tools: Title Image

10 Essential Bike Tools Every Cyclist Should Own

BikeTips expert Robbie Ferri walks you through the 10 Essential Bike Tools every cyclist should keep in their garage to save unnecessary trips to the mechanic.

How To Wrap Bike Handlebar Tape: Title Image

How to Replace Bike Handlebar Tape In 7 Steps [With Pictures]

Bike maintenance is a part of cycling, and there’s a lot to learn when it …

Bike Chain Wax: Title Image

Bike Chain Waxing: Beginner’s Guide With Pictures (And Is It Worth The Hassle?)

Keeping your bike chain in tip-top condition is vital. The better you look after your …

How To Adjust Derailleurs: Title Image

How To Adjust Derailleurs On A Bike in 4 Steps [With Pictures]

Nothing is more frustrating on a bike than gears that just won’t behave. However, problematic …