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Jessy Carveth

Professional Cyclist for BePink and BikeTips News Correspondent

Jessy is a Canadian professional cyclist racing for Italy’s BePink team. She was a latecomer to biking, taking up the sport following her Bachelor of Kinesiology with Nutrition. However, her early promise saw her rapidly ascend the Canadian cycling ranks, before being lured across to the big leagues in Europe.

Jessy is currently based in the Spanish town of Girona, a renowned training hotspot for professional cyclists.

Jessy’s latest articles:

A soigneur hands a water bottle to one of their team's riders.

What Is A Soigneur In Cycling – And Why Is Their Role So Vital?

Many outsiders believe that the unsung heroes at the Tour de France or on a …

Cartoon of Geraint Thomas in the yellow jersey of the Tour de France on a blue background.

The 8 Key Types of Cyclists in Road Cycling Explained – And What Type of Rider Are You?

From the explosive firepower of sprinters vying for stage wins on flat courses to the brutal perseverance of climbers conquering mountain passes, cycling is a sport that is built around different types of riders playing to their strengths. Whether you’re a devoted fan, club rider, or an aspiring pro yourself, understanding these distinct roles not only deepens your appreciation for the sport but also provides insight into the dynamics and tactics of cycling.

Graphic showing a triathlete riding a bike on a green background.

What Is Functional Threshold Power (FTP) – And Why Is It So Important In Cycling?

Put simply, your FTP is the maximum average power output you can sustain across one hour. In this article, I’ll be walking you through the key elements of Functional Threshold Power, from the different formats of FTP, how to do an FTP test for yourself, and how you can use your FTP to train like a professional.

I accelerate away from my cycling mates on a training ride around Girona.

A Week In The Life Of A Pro Cyclist

Pro cycling has taken me from Canada to my new home in the cyclists’ heaven of Girona in northern Spain. No 9-5 office job, spending long hours doing what we love every day, traveling to dream destinations, and endless coffee stops – what more could you ask for? As I prepare for my second full season as a professional cyclist, I’m going to give you an inside look into a Week in the Life of a Pro: how we train, how we eat, how we blow off steam.

Cycling Transfer Gossip: Title Image

November 2023 Cycling Transfer Rumors & Roundup: Astana Qazaqstan assemble Cavendish support and Human Powered Health rebuild continues

As we come into November, there are still hundreds of riders who have yet to sign for a team or announce their signing for the 2024 season. Our weekly transfer round-up puts all the rumors and confirmed transfers together in one place for you. In this second edition, we’ll cover what’s happened in the transfer world from October 28 to November 3, 2023.

Blue logo for Giant Bikes on a white background.

Giant facing £200,000 lawsuit after carbon fork collapse leaves cyclist with broken back

Bike manufacturer Giant is facing a £200,000 ($246,103) lawsuit after an “inherent defect” in the fork of one of their road bikes caused it to collapse, leaving the rider with a broken back.

Graphic showing the 2024 Tour de France Femmes route

2024 Tour de France Femmes route revealed with tantalising Alpe d’Huez finale

The 2024 Tour de France Femmes route has been announced and is set to be the toughest and most exciting parcours for the race to date. The third edition of the Tour de France Femmes is unlike anything we’ve seen in the previous two. With many new and unique features to the 2024 route, it is certain to have cycling fans on the edge of their seats throughout

The EF Education-TIBCO-SVB squad, which is the predecessor of the new EF Education-Cannondale womens' cycling team, line up on the podium at the Fleche Wallone 2023.

EF Education-Cannondale: Inside story of the new cycling team ready to take 2024 by storm

EF Education-Cannondale is the new kid on the block – and they’re ready to take the 2024 cycling season by storm. BikeTips spoke to riders signed up for the new cycling team to get the inside track on the team’s formation and its prospects for the upcoming season.

Cycling Transfer Gossip: Title Image

Cycling Transfer Rumors & Roundup: Movistar recruit SEVEN new riders

With the cycling season now at an end, we’re introducing a weekly roundup of all the latest transfer rumors and gossip, as well as a round-up of confirmed transfers, so you can keep track of where all your favorite riders are heading for the 2024 season.

Jumbo-Visma/Soudal Quick-Step Merger Collapses

The collapsed Soudal-Visma merger: What went wrong, and what happens now?

The cycling world was sent into a frenzy last month as rumors swirled of a mega-merger between two of the sport’s top teams, Jumbo-Visma and Soudal Quick-Step. That all came tumbling down in the last week, and the merger between the two teams has reportedly been called off.

Clipless Bike Pedals Guide: Title Image

Essential Guide to Clipless Bike Pedals: How To Use Clipless Pedals, and Why You Need Them

As a professional cyclist, I’ve logged countless miles on the bike and experimented with all the equipment combinations under the sun in the search for the perfect setup. One thing that’s remained a constant on my bike, however, is clipless bike pedals. If you’re looking to take your cycling game to the next level, clipless pedals are a very worthwhile investment.