Giant facing £200,000 lawsuit after carbon fork collapse leaves cyclist with broken back

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Bike manufacturer Giant is facing a £200,000 ($246,103) lawsuit after an “inherent defect” in the fork of one of their road bikes caused it to collapse, leaving the rider with a broken back.

When cycling fanatic Ben Norbury paid £2,199 ($2,683) for his brand-new 2021 Giant Propel Advanced 2 in November 2021, the last thing he expected was to be left with devastating injuries just five months later.

In February 2022, Norbury was riding at approximately 15 mph (24 km/h) when he rode over a slight change in the surface level of the road.

Next thing he knew, Norbury was headed towards the ground, face first, with no chance to brace himself.

Norbury explains that his fork detached itself from the bike, separating from the alloy steerer tube crown.

Norbury broke his back in four places as a result. Additionally, he suffered a broken nose, dental damage, and a concussion.

Now, Norbury is holding Giant accountable as he seeks damages for his injuries.

Giant is facing a legal claim of over £200,000 ($246,103) as a result of an “inherent defect” of Norbury’s bike under the United Kingdom’s Consumer Protection Act.

Initially, Giant UK denied liability, stating that Norbury was responsible for the fork’s failure as he had replaced the bike’s stem and handlebars, which they claimed was the cause of the problem.

However, the company has now admitted fault and compensation is pending.

Manufacturing Defect Causes Catastrophic Failure

Adam Korn, Norbury’s barrister, stated: “There was an inherent defect in the adhesive bond between the steerer tube and the crown socket. It’s likely to have been caused by inadequate surface preparation of the steerer tube spigot at the time of manufacture.”

Norbury, 39, is the founder of myWindsock, a popular weather app geared towards cyclists.

Before his accident, Norbury was an avid cyclist and member of Congleton Cycling Club, competing in road racing and time trial events, but has faced many barriers as he returns to the sport he loves.

Norbury reports that the impact goes beyond physical injuries and that he suffers flashbacks and trauma from the incident. Alongside lingering pain from his injuries, he says he suffers “anxiety dreams” and fears cycling, despite wanting to make a return.

A court hearing is still to be held to assess the exact compensation figure.

In a statement issued to the press, Giant UK said: “It is not appropriate for us to comment on ongoing matters of this nature.”

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