Everything You Need To Know About Bicycle Seatposts: Sizes, Materials, Compatibility & Designs

Bicycle seatposts have started to get the attention that they deserve recently thanks to the never-ending drive to squeeze out ever more marginal gains. No longer a mere connection between the saddle and the frame, improved seatpost design can aid performance and comfort on the bike. Most riders won’t give the seatpost a second thought, … Read more

How To Measure Inseam For Bikes: Explained By A Pro Bike Fitter

As a professional bike fitter, I know all too well that in the world of cycling, precision is paramount. From the curvature of handlebars to the choice of pedals, every detail affects performance. Arguably the most important metric for bike fitters, however, is understanding how to measure inseam for bikes correctly. A proper inseam measurement … Read more

What Is Bike Fitting? (And The 6 Essential Benefits of a Bike Fit)

When I first started cycling, one bit of advice I always got was to get a bike fit. I was told going through the bike fitting process would completely change my cycling. 

Many people disagree with this and feel a bike fitting isn’t always necessary. Interestingly enough, many professionals in the pro peloton openly admit to not having a bike fit and not feeling the need to. 

It leaves a lot of cyclists asking the question: do you really need a bike fit?

Saddle Height Calculator: Proper Bike Seat Height and Position Explained [With Video Guide]

Setting the proper bike seat height is essential for performance, comfort, and injury prevention.

As a bike fitter, it’s one of the most important measurements we focus on and influences many other elements of the fit, such as reach.

If you have your saddle in the wrong place, it can play havoc on your knees. You’ll also be making your legs work harder than they need to with an inefficient pedal stroke.