Bike Dropouts & Fork Ends Explained: Everything You Need To Know

Bike dropouts and fork ends are vital parts found on a bicycle’s frame and fork, respectively, serving as the attachment points for the wheels. Positioned at the rear of the frame and the tips of the fork blades, they feature slots or openings where the wheel axles are inserted and secured. Available in varied designs … Read more

What Is A Wheelset? Bike Wheelset Meaning Explained

A wheelset is one of the integral parts of a bicycle, and, as the name suggests, contains the system of the wheels.

The question – “What is a wheelset?” – might seem straightforward, but it can be a little confusing because there are many different parts included within a wheelset. If you just buy a set of wheels, you wouldn’t necessarily consider all of them separately.

Thru Axle Vs Quick Release: Is A Thru Axle Better?

Since its original invention by bike racer and manufacturer Tullio Campagnolo, the quick release mechanism has made removing and installing bike wheels easier and quicker for cyclists everywhere. However, the quick release does have its flaws. There are certain types of bikes for which this system isn’t ideal. Thankfully, there’s a great alternative. The thru … Read more

What Is A Quick Release Bike Wheel, And How Do You Use One?

These days, most bikes are fitted with a specific device for holding their wheels on securely: the quick release bike wheel. “Quick release bike wheel” is a slightly misleading term. It’s not the wheel itself that is “quick release”, but the mechanism that secures it to the frame. A quick release mechanism consists of a … Read more