How Should A Bike Helmet Fit? Helmet Sizes Explained [With Bike Helmet Size Chart]

No piece of cycling protective equipment is more important than the humble bike helmet.

Most cyclists know very well the importance of quality when it comes to buying a bike helmet – but fewer seem to understand how vital it is to get the right helmet size and fit too.

Do Bike Helmets Expire?

Unfortunately, there’s no quick answer as to whether bike helmets expire due to time alone.

The impact of normal wear and tear means a helmet that’s been used regularly will age very differently from one kept in storage, so there’s plenty more to understand as to when a bike helmet “expires”, and how often you should replace one.

What Is MIPS Helmet Protection – And Should You Be Using It?

Whether you’re anything from a road cyclist to a mountain biker, you know that staying safe on the road is absolutely crucial.

One term you might’ve heard regarding cycling safety is “MIPS” – but what is MIPS helmet protection?

The likelihood is, you’ve seen MIPS as an included technology advertised across familiar brands online or in-store, usually with a yellow symbol on the helmet.